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  • I hope for u that everything will get fixed. just u have to continue doing ur life.. and gods willing everything will go as it should.. i know its not easy believe me... but ur lucky u have so many people who love you.. because ur an amazing person with an amazing big heart... :)
    Im fine thanks babe, my mare is getting fatter and fatter (she's due in June) and we are training the little thoroughbred to race in the ARHO series in the summer. They are costing me a load of money right now!! between that and trying to pay for flights..arrgghh xxxx
    hunny confusion is my middle name!!!! :D if you see my posts i'm always confused so join the club! lol :) well firstly march is not far away therefore not long now until you can speak with him and go see him! if he didnt want to be with you then why would he bother keeping contact 25+ thats a lot!! expensive! for u both :) 12months is a long time if he didnt love you! i have heard they cant have their phones on all the time! maybe tell his cousin about this person whot they are telling you and give him their name if you have it and see if they know them?! easier said than done but in the mean time try & keep busy get your mind off things i know its hard cos i struggle to do that sometimes but you haven't got long now and can clear things up with you guy! everyone acts differnetly i can only tell you wot i would do & thats ask this friends for names of these girls and check fb, msn whatever means but thats me, until i find proof i will just take things slow with him! xx
    and this person probably knows he is away and probably knows him which makes it worse and knows he cant stick up for himself so thinks he will get away with this.....

    your fella is going go mad at him
    Nice to see you back babes..hows Steel? How are you keeping? xxx
    me to sweets

    i really do not beleive he would have said that about you for the record......
    its a tough call babes!!! talk about messing with peoples lives and minds!! are you friends with any of his friends there that you know would tell you the truth! about this fat thing, if he dont want to hurt you or for you to get messed around then theres no need to mention it! he could have only just mentioned the girls, does your guy call you? when can you talk? have you tried ringing his number if no answer, try calling from a different phone! when's he out the army? & when did he go in & how old is he? sorry hun lots of questions! only you know him well enough! but dont go out there just yet be careful xx
    from wot your saying it sounds that your both very much in love! and someone that has been hurt before should know better than to treat others in that way as they know how it feels! i know everyone is different but thats how i see it! have you text this "friend"? ask them exactly wot they know, name of girls, where they're from, when he's been with hem? as for having your number well there are many ways of getting peoples number mayb from you guy (wot i mean is without him knowing) you need more info if you have doubts hun! this worry is not got for oneself believe me i'm young but got the grey hair to prove it :D xx
    it does. if you go accusing him of this that and the other he wont like it

    he could be completely innocent in all this babe

    let m eknow what happens and i hope it works out for you babe xxx
    offer is allways there no worries! :) it would be so easy if you could just switch the brain off for a while just for a days peace and not have to think what if, why and all the other questions! unfortunatley we have to take what is given and deal with best we can! dont let people get in between you but always keep your eyes open, if you dont mind me asking why did he split from previous? and if he was not being true to you wouldnt he have just carried that relationship on?! xx
    well take that as your last words to each other and dont listen to anyone else

    there are some nasty people out there babe, you think thes guy dont know what he is doing if you would have fell for his lies he would have then made a move on you i bet

    break you down and then swoop - makes me sick

    make you sure pass this message to your hubby and the number and let him deal with it
    when is he due to finish babe
    its a bit rubbish being so far apart! i couldnt deal with little or no contact! must be hard! & as for this so called "friend" how flamming rude! fat women!!! i'm a big girl dont care wot anyone says, i'm happy with me and anyway men love curves, if he didnt want to be with you then why spend time together?! as for this other girls dont jump to conclusions ask for proof! they are always to ways to look at thing people stirring to break you up as they are jealous or what none of us want that it mayb true!! do a little research check FB but if deep down you trust him and believe his feelings are true then leave it as that, as this can mess with your head as did mine! i know exactly wot you mean hun, people getting involved & causing problems!! and it can really get you down! any idea of when you will next spek to him? any time you want to talk hun i'm here :) easier said than done but try not to think about it cos theres not much you can do until you speak with him xx
    or he just obtained them

    or hubby sold his phone or lost it

    see you dont know please dont let some stranger do this to you xxxxx
    hmmmm you cannot trust this person - do not rect to anything until you have spokent o your man. there are all kinds of leaches out there waiting to pounce on vulnerable women. How did he get your details - this is all so strange
    oh no babe, what makes you say that

    im sure its just where you have been apart for a bit as soon as you are together again things will slip right back in place xxxx

    i really hope you are ok
    missed you to.

    so are you visiting tunisia any time soon
    Hey you.

    How are things

    Im ok getting the blues lately about my arm and stuff but i have managed to pick myself up.

    how are things your end.... nice to hear from you
    That's great hun, can't wait to see you x
    happy u found a job.. im looking to since im back from tunisia hasnt been easy.. i need one asap i want to go back miss him like crazy!! miss talking to u hope to see u on msn soon . big hug wish u the best cutie.. :)
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