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    So confused!! Departure tax??

    I had to pay the departure tax 2 weeks ago
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    Reassurance required

    I visited last month, was in la marsa and gammarth and I am going again in October to yasmine, I felt completely safe at all times to be honest. There were police everywhere so definataly an increased presence. Hope you have a lovely time when you go back x
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    La marsa and gammarth

    So not long been back and had an amazing week, visited quite a few difference places and experienced my very first train ride! Haha vey cheap way to travel!
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    La marsa and gammarth

    Thank you for your response, no I won't be renting a car I'm far to scared of the driving over there hahaha public transport for me all the way!
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    La marsa and gammarth

    hi all I'm new to this forum but I was wondering if anyone could help me, I'm due to fly to Tunisia next Thursday, I'm staying in gammarth and I was wondering if anyone has been there or la marsa and can give me an idea on things to do while I'm there. Trip advisor is very limited for those...