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  • Hi Michelle thank you for your lovely message I am so happy for you both you make a perfect couple i used to think that when i saw you together in the Marhaba rad is doing well to loves his job and they are so pleased with him he's settled in really well he has changed so much getting more confident he helps alot round the house and garden and loves cooking i really wish we were going back to Tunisia but he is adamant he doesn't want to go back love to you both xxx
    Hi Michelle, so glad Hassen got sorted out. (Im one of the 3 girls that you met last year at the hotel just before your wedding...I dont want to give names on here, but Im the one that lives in Canada, the sisters in North London, but I could not find out to send you a private message)

    All things going well with me and my man, us girlies are off to Tunisia again this year...with even more tattoos....lol! We're not staying at the Marhaba though, was just too expensive. We'll be in Sousse.

    Please send my well wishes to your hubby!

    Hi michelle just read your thread omg that is so fantastic i am so pleased for you both best news ever please send our congrats to Hassen you two are really amazing xxxx
    Hi michelle i'm so happy to hear from you i love hearing how you and hassen are getting on i'm so pleased for hassen it must be so exciting for you both and good luck in trying for a baby all the fun in trying lol everything is fine here nothing exciting rad is loving his job and they seem really happy for him wish i was going to tunisa nice to hear from you xxx

    we just come back of hol from Turkey, but we had problems with immigration in Turkey when leaving. If you do go take yr marriage certificate and all other bits and bobs with you. Spent half an hr being questioned.

    Your last post was such an amazing story, THANKS for sharing and good luck!!!
    Hi michelle hope your well hun. Aahh so glad to hear he is settling in well. Yeah im really good with michelle1002 and you both applied the same day didnt you?? Aahh sounds like you both have had a lovely few months over christmas, i wish you both all the happiness in the world!!! Aahh so pleased for you and so inspiring to hear a happy about a happy relationship xxx
    Hi Michelle thanx for message. I wil be in touch soon. Really pleased its going so well for you xxxxx
    Thank you for your lovely message hope everything goes ok for Friday Rad is loving it here loves his job and he is settling in great never been so happy It takes time for them to settle in such a shock for them really Rad is so different now he can cook clean iron never done this before he will start driving lessons in the next couple of months omg everyone get of the road lol love to you both keep in touch xxxx
    Hi hon im in washington so not far from you. You got your visa quick then. I got married sept last year hope im as lucky and get him here soon. My email is [email protected] so if you can send me yours i will give you my number if thats ok and we can have a chat cos I could do with bit of . xxxxxx
    Hi Michelle just wanted to say hello. I see you live in newcastle im in . When did you get your hubby here. Im doin my husbands visa in april im so stressed just pray to god he gets it. Hows he finding it here xxxx
    Hi michelle Rad is settling in really well now thanks he loves his job he works 20 hours so it gets him out of the house he started to cook so i have my dinner on the table when i get in from work lol hope hassen is settling in love to you both xxx
    Hi Michelle hope Hassen is feeling better I wish we was going back to Tunisia to see the family but Rad doesn't want to go back i don't know why I'm sure Hassen will find a job soon it's good that he has a friend so nice to keep in touch love lue xxx
    Thanks so much Michelle fingers crossed for Hassen i thought hassen had got a job in Morrisons luv lue xxx
    well done to rad for getting the job, we wish him all the luck in the world, Hassen goes to the hospital next month about his hearing, i hope they will be able to help. We went to an agency which helps people with disabilitys find jobs but because he is not claiming any benifits they could not help, its a bloody joke really.Luv michelle xx
    Hi Michelle message from Rad pls pls say hello to Hassen and stay strong and wishes we can meet up again soon Rad got the job so things are started to pick up for us It's so hard for them to adjust Rad misses his family so much but day by day he's started to adjust take care love lue xxx
    Hi michelle how are you and Hassen rad has got his 2nd interview tomorrow can you believe it for a part time job in the local shop bloody hell lol
    Hi michelle thank you so much for your lovely message i know what you mean about spending money our food bill is enormous we will have to meet up one day hugs to you both xxx
    Hi michelle hope you and hassen are ok rad is ok had a few little tears last night bless him i do worry about him settling in i think he is finding it really hard still not heard yet about his job omg i hope he gets it i'm worried he will want to go back to Tunisia his life was so easy there anyway take care hugs to you both xxx
    definately keep in touch just try and stop lol the job is for the local spar i have no idea why rad doesn't want to go back i,m gutted really cos i love the country hugs to you both from us xx
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