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  • Sadly we were refused at the appeal. The Home Office ***** said that they could only look at documents supplied at time of refusal, so whats the point of an appeal? She also said that the documents we showed in court were good and that if we re-apply he would definitely get his visa, so now my husband is taking the TOEIC tests in Tunis on Wednesdy and we have an appointment to hand in visa application on 13 July. We have provided everything and sworn statutory declarations, absolutely everything is covered, please god let us be together at last

    Just to let you know that we finally have our appeal hearing on Friday 8 April and I hope to give you good news and I hope the judge will look at all the evidence especially the stuff the 'former' ECO (LEE) did not. I even got letterfrom British Ambassador Chris O Connor in Tunis apolosign to us for the severe delays and lack of resources! I have enought evidence to sink a battleship! xxx
    hey hun im after a bit of information as i know you went threw appeal.. well my husbands appeal hearing was on 24th january and on 27th january i recieved the appeal determination stating appeal was allowed and then hubby recieved his on 16th february and i have contacted embassy who are saying they havent recieved anything yet but ukba are saying they should have it did u have any problems like this and also how long did it take from hearing until ur hubby got call to go get the stamp
    thanks in advance xx
    Hi hun,
    I sent a long detailed letter of complaint to the Ambassador Chris O Connor in Tunis about the ECO (LEE) who refused my husband and did not acknowledge the papers that would have not led to him being refused and he told me that he has forwarded the complaint to the UK Border Agency to see if they will investigate. When Mr O Connor referred to the ECO as 'former ECO' so obviously not working there now. I remember a number of girls on this forum who all said the ECO who refused their husbands was LEE and its funny how he refused so many people in such a small space of time, something stinks xxx The embasy told me that they looked at appeal in Oct 2010 after it was submitted in Sept 2010 and they left to rot till January where it has now been sent to the UK, still waiting for it to arrive and letter from my doctor saying how ill it has made me and they think that they will try and make a decision here instead of waiting for embassy again or if not hope to god no hearing
    hiya hope your having a great time with hubby being here xx
    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and mabrouk again for you and your husband. I am so happy that it worked out for you at last. It has been about 6-7 weeks since he submiited appeal to Tunis so hope we do hear something soon. I may need to pick your brains later if we get to the stage of going to a hearing if you dont mind. Thank you xxx
    Hi Michoumb, Congratulations on your appeal and your husbands arrival with you:) I wonfered if you could help me. My husband was refused his visa on 13 August this year and he submitted the appeal to Tunis on 13 September but he has not heard anything at the moment. WE have addressed the issues of accommodationd and banks tatements etc but wondered did you hubby submit direct to Tunis for appeal and how lng was it before you knew anything. Sorry we are just soo frustrated and anxious and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Hi Ya.....

    Just wanted to say that I am thinking about you and your fiance today.....good luck....xxxxx
    Hiya hun! Ive just been reading a thread and saw you have been refused for the Fiancee visa - :(((( We were going to apply at the end of Sept but now thinking of putting it back cause of all the refusals going on. I just wondered and I hope you dont mind me asking but were there any specific reasons why you were declined so we can keep our eye out, I thought we had a really strong application but now im questioning everything, hope you dont mind and so sorry again, good luck with your appeal hun x
    hi michoumb, how r u , thank u for ur reply ,aww im so sorry about ur dad job , i hope everythings goes well and u get the visa as u do deserve this , wich u al the best hunny and hope to see see soem weddin pics love ..xx
    hi hunny how r u , sorry to ask this , but why dont you get marrie din tunisiai as its alot easier and you wil have both families there urs and ur fiances and less then to what you wil be payn for here even if u r havn a simple littl eone its stil a bomb as i heard u have to apply for some paper from immigartion maybe its the wrong ppl but i know its some paper thru immagration or who ever to allo ur hubby to marry here and i heard thats a bit, and so on ... its sotmhin to think about ... and u can have alovely weddin in tunsiia of ur choice an dbig party for about 1500 and certainly a beautiful weddin too .. if u want to u can find me on facebook sian ayed or my email is [email protected] .... im only goin by ppl experiences who have married their partners from other countries but here and i ave married my husband in tunsiia .all the best hunny .xxx
    Hi Hun,

    It took 19 days for the visa to come through, he is coming over on the 29th as my friends wedding is the week after so he needs to be here before then.

    Well Im not sure how much the registrar charges to go to your home to do it, I know the registry office was 200 dinars, possibly if its at home its more than likely that his family will be doing the food? I think you will be fine with what you have-obviously add in the things like translating your papers and stuff though so you can budget how much you can spend on each thing. x
    Hi Hun, Got some great news today, my hubby was given his visa! Am so made up x
    Well the actually ceremony wont cost too much, I think it depends on whether you want it at the registry office or at home etc, the registry office costs 200dinars, but the one in Hammamet where we had it done was really pretty so defo worth it.

    One tip with the party-get all the alcohol from the airport! that way your cutting the costs big time! Also try see if he knows anyone willing to rent him a place but really cheap, it doesnt matter where cos you can have lots of decoration if needed!

    I have a few pics with me but we had to give all the proper ones to the embassy so cant wait to get them back!
    Hi Hun

    Sorry I just noticed I didnt reply to your last two messages, sorry was on much the week before i went. you asked about wedding costs, it all depends on the size of the party you want and where you want to have it hun, its only expensive if you want a big wedding-but then I dont think its as expensive as in the uk!

    The wedding was amazing-my guy made everything so perfect. was nice to cos he got on well with all my family and friends so at least i dont have to worry about that when he is here.

    all the men went to the hammam and barbers in the morning, led there by drummers then we had a party at lunch at his parents house for all family and friends. then the wedding-ah i wanna do it all again already.

    Hows things with you? x
    oooo sounds good!! glad u had a nice time :) x
    hi, i saw you post about hotels in monastir. i am looking to book the monastir centre, is it anywhere near the allegro bella vista? i was looking at the maps and it says it nearer sousse than monastir...is that right? hope u got it all sorted out in the end tho :) xx
    Hiya, Sorry took so long to reply been mad busy. I fly over on Sunday morning, cant wait! Ah its rubbish when you get back from being over there :(
    Oh I bet you are!!! used to take me ages to get back to normal! Im fine at work at moment. Hubby off today, just popped in has been to a game of darts!!! How is the appeal going? Have you heard any more? Bet you had a great time over there x
    ok good luck finding shoes x
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