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  • hi missing tune
    where in scotland are you?
    hello mtb, how are you? i hope you are ok. i would like to ask you a question but im not sure if you would know the answer or if you could point me in the right direction. do you know if it is easier to get tunisians to southern ireland? i was told its easier. i know where i stand with my husband as im 21 in may, but my sister is only 17 and her partner is 20. do you know if we can get him to ireland easier than here? ive read they dont have immigration from ireland to england. i hope you can help me xx
    jade xx :) :)
    hello, my name is jade and i live in birmingham, my husband lives in kef, and my sister's fiance lives in sousse. if you done mind me asking, how did u manage to come over from tunisia and can you advise me how to get my husband and more important my sister's fiance. my husband will come to me when im 21 netx may, but my sister has to wait 4 years. is there any other way for him? we wud like to get him on a working permit preferably as he is a qualified mechanical engineer. thanks xxx :)
    hi missing_tun how u doing 3chiri and how is scotland??
    thanks for ur message, if u look to my profile u will find some of my detail such us my skype or my msn feel free to add me mate, what's ur name by the way?
    Good morning MTA well my name is roulla, married to a Tunisian man, have 2 children and live in London, please to meet you...Hope that you have a nice day..
    Sorry did i scare you, i am one of the moderators and i just pass by to say hello , that's all...Sorry if you feel that i have offended you it is a greek thing to pass by and say hello to everyone..Samahkni...
    Hi MTA hope that you and your family are all in good health! Just popped by to say hi..
    Thanks for the message. Nothing new, we are not back together and having spoke to him last night unlikely. xx
    Just noticed you sent message 2 weeks ago but u posted on your wall & not mine so I didnt get it..lol. Not on msn that much these days but if we catch each other on here will open my msn so we can have a yap. Nicki
    hi thanks for adding me. where are you from??
    Hey 'missing_tun_ab - cor thats a mouth full - lol!

    You ok? Thanks for adding me - would love to be mates.

    I got married in April but we have been together for 2.5 years and living together for 1.5 of those :)

    Hows things with you?
    yea im married to a tunisian. from where ur fiance come from in tunisia?mein come from capital xx
    Yeah nice to talk to you too :)

    I see your married to a tunisian, i will be too in May next year :D cant wait im so excited

    Hi :)

    Thanks for the add, how are you?

    Jo xx
    Hey Miss TUN AB! We are fine thanks! So there sre Tunisians close to us here!!!! How long you been married? Has hubby been here long? Our first wedding anniversary 26th this month, we fly over that day too for hols! Which part of ABD you from? Diane x
    aye mein is here
    do u like we talk on messenger?
    Same here, been married since Feb and he got here end of April. Yours here yet or still in Tunisia?
    Fit like yersel..lol
    I'm from Bucksburn.
    U married to a tunisian?
    dont worry akrem and may allah make it easy soon
    talk to u soon on messenger
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