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  • I rang Thomas cook today, to get a quote on my holiday. I told her I wanted flight and accomodation for me,and accomodation for him only as he is in Sousse. She told me she could not book accomodation only for him, as he had to be a UK resident!!!!

    Did you book for your husband from here, or did you pay for him there?
    Thanks for getting back to me.

    So are you saying it will be okay if I book everything in the UK?

    So I would book my flight and accomodation, and just accomodation for him, with Thomas cook or whoever, right?
    HEY, did i see on one of your posts u were married yesterday ? If so congratulations if not ignore me lol xx
    Hi Mrs Enkhili,

    I came back from Sousse on Sunday. I stayed at the Tej Marhaba, and bumped into Marhaba there accidentally. I asked her whether the Tej asked for marriage certificates if a couple was staying together, and she told me to ask you,lol.

    Can you shed any light on this please?
    Hi Mrs Enkhili,

    I just came to see this email on the forum.

    Unfortunately I have not received any email on my inbox...Hope it wasn't hidden in the junk...if like that, i lost it for sure by now..

    So sorry for having this problem in conversation...

    Please send me a test on my personal address edited in my previous e-mail. Hope I won't miss your email again.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

    Have a great week ahead!
    ha ha! thank god for that! i am one paranoid puppy! his mate is training to be a hairdresser and took him to college to practise on him......apparently is wasn't a success!!

    thank you and your hubby so much for your help x
    hi there!
    below is the conversation i would like translating- thank you so much!
    Conversation 1

    Hi mate say to R wach kir min,t3allam la7jama a3la rous litama ;-)

    eh ya blayda hlakli cha3ri rahou, never again !! yemchich ikollik nhar ija nhajemlek. ya wildi lyoum fil kedma shabi ilkol yadahkou looooool

    Ti Mani mchit netrana, wyizzi mel kalem al bathi 3ayech kouya loooooooool

    Conversation 2

    romio etwahachtek barcha ach bik ma todhorch asma3kif etconécti amali aplo hatta yassine kal manich jay élla manchouf kalli aya kalmo yehdik kalih icharafnna looooooooool

    Ok ya ahsen joujou taw kinhel inkalmek

    ok romio mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh
    my wonderful man is from kasserine, we have just got engaged, i will post some pics of us on here if i can find out how..... hahahha
    by the way thanks for all your help
    Jackie xx

    I am Diana. I've seen your complaint that nobody ever does go down to Sfax...
    I am new on this forum, yet asking myself how come I didn't create this account before.
    Well, being for three years in Tunisia (almost 3, but i feel it much more though...) I am used to come from Tunis (where I live) to Sfax, visiting :)
    Maybe you'd like to meet. I would probably be there not this weekend but the next.
    If you'd like to drink a coffee or a tea with me, let me know. My email address is [email protected] Maybe I will not be able to check this forum as often as I would like too, so that I find it more convenient to keep in touch by email.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    2 minutes!! YAY speak to you soon xx
    HAHA you make me laugh!! Might get Kayley to scope you out first lol :p Definitely not Miss Piggy...maybe Kermit :eek: only joking(before you kill me haha) xx
    HAHA you muppet!!! No it's not bad, he's his family and I'm quite sure you wouldn't sleep with him ;) :p

    If you start talking arabic to me, i might just turn round and walk straight back out :eek: lol xxx
    Yes please :) Still would rather live in a hot country with nice people, I could learn the language ;) oh just wanna hear his voice now!! xxxx
    Nah it's ok hun, you can keep being you ;) lol. Lucky devil you i.e. getting what you want all the time :p wish I could move to Tunisia, but we've decided Ahmed will be coming to live here, although from the sounds of it, it would be easier for me to move there!! xxx
    Oh that sucks!!! Even though I have my Lebara phone sometimes if I run out of credit I use my O2 phone so generally I always go over my limit too :( xx
    OMG just reading that gets me confused lol. It's so dead at work tonight it's actually driving me crazy!! :( not long to go though :) you're an impatient so and so aren't ya ;) haha xxx
    Did Mo come online? xx
    Oh yeah, Jen the gypsie :eek: haha :p xxx
    where did you say you are staying in April hun? xx
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