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  • hi .please i need help i got married .i wanna do you know if i need to certify wedding certificate at foreign minister before to apply visa and how know available dte for calender appointment.thanks
    Me and my size 7s!!!!! Sorry didnt realise, chin up, plenty more fish in the sea :)
    Hi Munki have you tried to change the date of the flight, maybe they will for a small fee???
    Good, i'm glad to hear that you haven't been hurt.

    I've been pricing that half term week myself and it's crazily expensive, the price is coming up dearer than August.

    Hope you get a break from working stupid hours........ sounds like all work and no play !

    Take care. Debbie x
    Good luck with the new job, I hope all goes well and you enjoy it. Sorry to hear it didn't work out with M and I hope he hasn't caused you too much hurt. Why don't you use your ticket and go and have a good time anyway ? Sounds like you could do with a holiday x
    HI Stranger. I haven't seen you on here in a while. I hope all's good with you. Did you start a new job yet? Take care, Debbie
    Thanks for the email - have sent you a friend request. Am logging off now - had a bad migraine today and need an early night. Look forward to hearing from you soon though x
    Hi Munki. Thanks for your good wishes. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this - still getting used to exactly what the site can do and I only just spotted the message! Starting to get a little nervous now. I fly out to Tunis 4 weeks on Saturday. Feels all a bit like something off "Don't Tell the Bride"! Is your other half over here or still in Tunisia? And whereabouts do you live if you don't mind me asking? Assuming all goes well for us and Walid gets to come and join me and my young son over here, it would be nice if he had somebody localish he could maybe meet and talk to. Love Cath x
    Added you hon!
    HI. I thought you were away in Tunisia, have you not gone yet.......... or you're back again. Anyway, I hope you had a great time, or you're excited about going !! I hope you're keeping well, are you back at work yet? woop woop, it's half term, have you got anything planned with your little fella? Is this of any interest to you Liverpool Discovers-14 February - 20 March 2011
    bring it on!!! haha
    did you like my last one? dont get the attitude.
    im going 23 feb and been quite vocal about that but not been picked on so far.
    bet i get verbally battered now!!!
    i am not arguing munki just trying to make head or tale of things!
    seem to have a like received - dont get it
    scared to ask now on the forum in case someone ***** slaps me but do you know how the "likes" thing works?
    dont really get the need to interfere or comment on some people but not others.
    take it easy
    you ok pet? got a bit nasty today! CHIN UP.
    munki,im going bed now it makes time go by fast lol.i noi boring life im a sad cow hehehhe but hey ho..listen im here ok take care xxxxx
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