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  • I'm fine thank you , yes the pms have been taken off by the webmaster..
    Hiya hope that you are in good health! Its very cold isn't it..:)
    Hi Natalie hope that you are in good health! I don't know if you remember me but if i'm not mistaken we spoke in the chat once and i said that i go to Nabeul, do you remember..I have not seen you on here for ages...
    hey babe! u ok? saw u was in chat earlier and i missed ya! well im going weds - loads has happened told hichem i wasnt going but he persuaded me to go! long story! hope u ok xx
    oh kl. did u jus rent it for the day or did u buy it 2 keep? dunno wots d best 2do. did they do the heena on ur hands b4 the wedding day? thankx so much for ur help. nat.x
    hi natalie
    i got the dress form the medina in sousse.. if you walk from the fish market its the 1st street on the left... its down a little street it will be on your right...they have loads... the best ones are at the back..it was 100 dinar.... i loved it when he bought it for me...
    thankx glad ur doin k. im new 2 this. r u wrkin at d mo or wen does d season starts and end for u?
    i just went on thomson webpage and applied, you can apply on any of there web pages, you have all the major tour operators out there xx im fine thanks, i found this site a good few months ago now
    aww dats so sweet thankx. yeah im k hav 2 carry on. hope ur k? how long u bin on here?
    morning luv! i found u! hope u ok - we can chat more now cant we! so pleased for you and simo! after all i said bout hichem last nt he went out at 1am especially to get credit to call me!! xxx
    hey, how r u? how did u get in2 that and what do u hav 2 do? because i want 2 get in there but dont no how? thankx for d reply. keep in touch. x
    some tour operators will do your visa for you if you do decide to go down that route. its a great job hard waok though but very hard play too x x
    hi chick, i got a job with thomson and i got the visa once i got out there, im sure as long as our visa was being processed we were ok as they gave us a little green card and we had to carry that and if anyone asked we had to show it, the actual visa takes a while to process but as long as you put it in straight away your fine x
    hey. thankx. does anyone know what i need to do for a marriage visa?
    hi natalie....Welcome to the forum...Maybe Sparkle can help you with regards to working in tunisia. Send her a message (on her profile) sure she will help. x
    hey everyone, im new to this wonder if any one can help me if anyone knows do u hav 2 get a visa if u want 2 wrk in tunisia?
    Hi Natalie... welcome to the site... hope you'll pop into chat sometime and meet us all!!! We're a very friendly bunch!! :)
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