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  • Hey hope ur ok? i just joined tunisia.com didnt know it had forums and all that, was reading previous threads about yasmine hammamet diar lemdina (my husband works there...) and saw ur partner is from bouficha & thats where my hubz is from 2 ... i cant believe all the time im out there never c another english person there (tunisians yh..) but no english. :) ... would be nice 2 know sum1 else in the bouficha area xXx
    hi P,

    Sent you an email.
    Hi Pauline,

    Just tried sending you an email, and it bounced back.
    Thanks for getting back to me Pauline, I will send you an email.
    Hi PBF,

    I rang Thomas cook today, to get a quote on my holiday. I told her I wanted flight and accomodation for me,and accomodation for him only as he is in Sousse. She told me she could not book accomodation only for him, as he had to be a UK resident!!!!

    Did you book for your partner here, or did you pay for him out there?
    Me to 8 to go lol.... ok ill find someone in sousse to help us hopefully... u to have a great time when u go... xxx
    I know its horrible being so far to them... it will all be over soon hopefully... if possible can you give me the name and number of the man that helped u or if u know of anyone near sousse who ca help us, it would be much appreciated.... i was looking to and the test are few and far between, not great is it... well im off again on the 3rd feel the same as u, pack/unpack, look for flights lol.... xxx
    Yeah i heard the english test dates are a bit of a nitemare, hope there is one sooner than july tho, i was hoping for him to be here for july.... i know its so stressful... just wish it was all over so we can enjoy married life.... xxx
    Hi pbf, yes it was all planned for february.... so did u have to get your man to do the english test then and submit it again.... can i ask who u got to help u fill in the forms... i was thinking about that, so we know its correct before we submit it..... thanks xxx
    Hi PBF, how r u... hope u r well... i just wanted to ask a quick question as i know u did ur visa recently... what types of things did u put in with the usual paperwork.. i want too make sure i get this rite.... did u get an answer on urs yet?? xx
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    Hey thanks for checking for me, hope you had a good time out here. May go and stay there next wkend. take care x
    thanks pbf. sucks about the indoor pool, you'd think they'd heat it in winter!
    hiya, hope you're well and having a good time. Just wondered if you would be able to tell me what's included in the el mouradi all inclusive program please? Just wondered if there's anything else apart from the food and drink. Can't seem to find the info on the various websites that offer the package.
    thanks x
    i will be arriving on sunday cant wait! thank you for letting me know! have a good time :D xxx
    Thank you for letting me know :) huge relief! hope your having a good time! what was the roads like getting from airport to the hotel? xxx
    thanks for the info, funny that you say el menzah is closed, coz websites are still letting people book for that hotel.
    Hi pbf, hope you're well and enjoying hammamet yasmine, I was just looking into staying in a hotel for a few days because my apartment needs to have some repairs done and I was just wondering which one you were in as you said it's getting busier each day? Do you know if most of the hotels in Yasmine are operating at the moment? I don't want to end up going to a hotel that is empty and recycling the food! thanks x
    lol i suppose thats the fun of it lol. yeah if ya can just let me no what tunis airport is like and whats it like getting from there to sousse that would be gr8! hope you have a brilliant time :D xxxx
    Gatwick is fine! everything is sign posted and its easy to find your way round! if ever in doubt all i do is follow the crowds and hope for the best lol xxx
    i always fly in to monastir so ive never been in to tunis airport thats whats frightening me lol. yeah my other half will meet me at the airport and go straight to enfidha. so hopefully no hitches. xxxx
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