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  • Im back on the 23rd feb, ba a re flying me down to gatwick next wednesday the 9th and then from gatwick to tunis.. im a bit worried bout going to tunis r u not... but think it will be ok, we wil go straight to sousse from there... that was good u got longer then eh, i looked at that flight but couldnt get to gatwick on saturday.. how u getting to gatwick pauline? xxx
    Hey. Hope ur ok? My flight did get canceled yesterday but made a new bookin with ba so not 2 bad but am lil scared as never flown in to tunis and I will be Alone! Lol. If ya get a chance while you are there can you let me now what its like getting thru Tunis etc cuz I no I will start to panic closer to the time lol xxx
    thats what i was going to do as thats what ba are selling on the web
    oh dearie me
    it gets too complicated
    Thats ok. well at least you have got a flight. im just hoping thomas cook dont do any more cancellations.

    where will you be staying when in tunisia?

    Yeh when i looked for this sunday it was £365, to expensive so i checked further on and its cheaper.. can u not go a bit later, its only 10 days later and alot cheaper...
    Hi Pauline, i mananged to get a flight booked tonite to tunis from glasgow on the 9th feb for £211, so im happy now... was gutted about sunday.. hope u can get out to... be great if u make the 9th lol.. we will be able to get a bleather lol..let me know what u decide to do.... good luck xxxxx
    Hi Pauline, im gutted that our flights been cancelled.. im gonna go to tunis with british airways on the 9th feb, i need to get out there, need to see my man... wot u gonna do xxxx
    hey, hope your ok?

    I know how you feel everyone thinks im nuts for going back so soon, but i shouldnt be here at the moment anyways i should me starting my new life out there lol

    And it wasn't as bad as the British news made it out to be, most of the images were from the beginning of the riots. but yet again i thought the town i was living in would be fine til the saturday night :S lol

    im flying with Thomas cook on the 13th (just in time for valentines :D) but as far as im aware they have only cancelled til the 2nd so i be should be fine, fingers crossed!

    so whats your story if you dont mind me being nosey? :p

    Yeah i know, i got a letter yesterday and it said there has been no decision to cancel any flights beyond the 23rd, so i thought it was looking good, as it is alot calmer.... so keeping fingers crossed, hope its ok xxx
    Thanks. the BA flight looks ok but arriving in Tunis so a real hassle.
    when did you get married? we are getting married in july (fingers crossed) and would love to get all the gen about tune weddings, etc/

    my fiance was civilian in police but sousse police station was burned down!
    lucky white heather and all that!

    could we maybe chat on the phone sometime?
    just seen that you are from Glasgow.
    im in Ayr and desperate to know about flight situation.
    woidl you mind keeping in touch?
    where is your other half?
    we had a wee flat in Khzema (Sousse) but had to leave it last week during the protests.
    may i be nosy and ask your story?
    Aaaa ok, never been there.. yeh seems to be settling thank ... yeh i would keep the hotel to i ur food is paid for.... oh well things are looking god at the moment pauline, sit tight... nite nite xxxx
    Nice to meet u pauline, oh rite, maybe i should fone the hotel to then eh,I am staying in the kaiser hotel in sousse but it seems to all calmed down alot, there no violence now.. Wot one u staying in... maybe bu next week ur hotel will be ok cos my man said that alot of holiday makers have come out in the last 2 days... so just keeping my chin up and u do to.. we will get there im sure.... yeh def need to after all this xxx
    Yeah hoping they r on by end of this week lol.... i spoke to my man tonite and he said things are pretty much back to normal, so im hoping, we have over a week for things to settle so its a little bit of time. me to im booked into hotel and that was seperate so dont even know if they will let me change my dates if my flight gets cancelled.. its a nitemare, if we get away on the 30th i will be delighted... we will need to meet in the airport ha ha take our minds off it all.... keep in touch, SORRY im being rude my names danielle xxxx
    Hi PBF, I have just received an email today saying that Jet2 have cancelled my flights for June 2011, I booked 28 people for my wedding, dont know what to do, feel like crying now xx
    Yeah I will keep them crossed from now til then lol... ill keep in touch and maybe ill see u in the airport, we hope!!!! take care xxx
    Hopefully it will all caml down, think its only in tunis now thats things are still happening, what times ur flight on the 30th Jan x
    Hi PBF, I read u r flying out 30th January to, i am flying from glasgow to that day, lets just hope and pray that eveything is ok... couldnt bear to not go not seen my man since start of october, really worried xx
    I usually go once a year, but may be back in six months. I always stay in Sousse.
    Hi PBF,

    Thanks for getting back to me, that is a relief. The staff at the hotel have always been very friendly with me, and gone out of their way to help me, however I always stayed there on my own while I was there.
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