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  • Hi PBF,

    I have stayed at the Tej Marhaba twice on my own. Did you stay there with your partner before you were married?

    If so how did you book it?

    Did the reception give your partner a hard time, because you were not married?

    Hey hun hope your keeping good xx xx
    Best wishes for the wedding - hope it all goes to plan and remember to put some pix up.
    I'm flying back to Glasgow on 21st November for a couple (maybe more) weeks - not lloking forward to the winter weather but today it's rained and thundered all day!
    I stay in Glasgow. Going to Tunisia next sunday for 3 weeks so looking forward to it haven't been since begining of june
    Hi pbf, Yes My Scottish home is near Stirling - where are you?
    Hi Jade once you have logged on to the site scroll down the forum page and you will find the Community section and it has a sub forum you should get info there that you need. GOOD LUCK.
    hello, i dunno if you can help me, but i am new to the site and tryin to find a thread about visas.. as i wish to invite my tunisian husband to uk. can come one help me by pointin me to the right direction on how to use this site?? thankss x
    Hi I am from Partick in Glasgow. I stay in Yasmine Hammamet/Hammamet area when I am there. BF family stay in Bouficha which is a few miles from there.Stayed in Sousse in November last year for 2 weeks in the Tej Marhaba Hotel. I have only been over twice this year for 2 weeks each time in feb and june whereas last year I went over 5 times but only for 7-10 days each time.Can't wait to go back counting down the weeks now
    hi pbf im from coatbridge just outside glasgow i was hoping to get back out in november but not sure yet . where is it your from ? what part of tunisia do u go to . i was out in march and in july for 3 wks each time and i stay between sousse and kasserine lovely place
    Hi I am fine thanks. Wish it was me going. I don't go till 31st october for 3weeks. This is the longest time I have waited to go back. How long are you away for ? It is not long since you have been back. I have a weeks hol at the end of this month but can't afford to go then and also go in nov for 3 weeks.I am so jealous.

    How are you, we are away to Tunisia at the end of month.

    Changed dates at last min :)
    hiya, dont know...maybe maybe the end of september:) i go to hammamet all the time. love it there:) was in glasgow last weekend to visit some friends
    Hi hun,

    I start at 19.00 and finish at 07.00, still not feeling 100% this virus has knocked me for six.

    Hubby keeps saying stay at home, but i have a lot of computer work to do. xx xx
    Hi your up late can you not sleep, im the same nite shift 2morrow.

    I really can't be assed lol xx xx
    Listen to me you will argue over something and nothing, i know lol.

    At one stage i told Sofiane to **** off for no reason stress all that ****!!!

    You and your man will be fine its all high tension xx xx
    Hi hun,

    Yes hubby has been here just over a year, he works 8hr and 12hr shifts but all day shifts.

    I work 4 on 4 off rotating days/nights, sometimes we are like ships in the night to lol.

    Sleep well xx xx
    I keep trying to use the view conversation tab but its not working lol.

    I wanted to stay there this time but hubby says its really quiet, not a bad thing eh lol.

    Well thats me off to shops now i will be back in a couple of hours see you then xx xx
    Remember to put your bands up in plenty time at your local register office.

    Your coni is translated at the embassy in tunis, then the fun begins lol xx xx
    What is Hammamet like in sept?
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