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  • awww thanx hun...well im stickin with thomsons for now..as far as i know the Embassy isnt open either which would mean we cant marry anyway x
    hi, thanks for letting me no. i rang airborn this afternoon and she said theyre doing a week at a time so ill phone again next week and see what the crack is. i think it will be april then
    Fly from East Mids on the 6th hopefullt get married in Kantaoui on the 14th....Where are u goin? Do u have a man out there? x
    Thanx Rach...im callin thomsons more or less daily...im supposed to be gettin married...could this b an omen? ha x
    yes it wuld be lovely to meet up and have a chat. ill be staying in an apartment hes booked. in hammam sousse, make arrangements later to meet at airort x
    hi, good i may see you. yes i miss him, this is my first time meeting him. getting agro from my kids, saying not to go but if flights are running to normal ill be off, of cause hess worried i wont be able to get. just hope we can itll be nice to have someone to chat to
    my flights at 15.55 with thomson. if you hear anything id be grateful, like ill let you no. thx
    Hi Racyrach its been a long time Ive been so busy with family commitments how are you
    hope you are well, Rach Ive decided to go to PEK end of the year and look around the furniture shops and get it there, cos I really cant be bothered with all the running around
    and phone calls anyway keep in touch ,are you in England or Tunisia?.
    Hi Rach hope you are well and that you and Jay are now on speaking terms and all is well
    me and the family went to a club today to watch the football (gutted)but the weather is
    beautiful and so we move on.My son was coming back to my house but hes too tired so he gonna stay home,did you do anything special today as the weather is so lovley.
    anyway hope you had a good weekend, look forward to hearing from you, Sheila.
    Hya so sorry to hear what you re going through at the moment I know what its like Im
    hitting all sorts of obstacles cant take my furniture by road cause cant find out where to get import duty papers then Ihad message on the forum to say you cant buy second hand furniture in PEK or Sousse but I may be able to buy some pieces in the market so
    I think the best thing is that I go over and try and find these shops myself Ive only got
    limited funds so I cant spend a fortune.Im always here if you need someone to vent your anger at.I hope you have some good news soon ,sometimes I have trouble getting
    message to you so if you dont hear from me for a while its not me its this damn machine.all good wishes Sheila.
    Oh Im so sorry to hear about your apt and theres me going on about a blasted sofa bed
    well my apt supposed to be ready next June but now Ive heard about yours I wont hold my breath but I will be up in arms too if its not done because its already late it should have been ready Nov 2010 and they told me it wont be ready till June 1011 so because
    it was late they offered me a air conditioning unit, and so it goes on at least youve got
    Jay there and he can let you know whats going on I have to rely on my solicitors.Keep
    calm dont get stressed it wont change anything but I do know how you feel please keep
    me posted all the best.Sheila.
    Hi Rachyrach hope you are well I think what I may do if there are no sofa beds or futons I have found here aerobed you plug it in and it blows up but will have to get an adaptor
    tho,and it comes in a travel bag it looks good.Be happy best wishes Sheila.
    Thanks Rachyrach that would be most helpful otherwise Im gonna have to ship one over I dont think I would have the cupbord space for a mattress, but thanks for you halp.Glad
    you and the family are well. best wishes Sheila.
    Hi Rachyrach its Sheila I was just thinking about my apt in PEK and the furniture I will need can I ask do you know if they sell sofa beds in Tunisia or Futons if you can find out
    could you please contact me thanks .Hope you and your family are in good health and
    oH thanks you are so helpful Ive already contacted the embassy in London they didnt know either unless theyre just telling me porkys cos they dont want me to take my own
    stuff in I will give it another go Monday but thank so much for the info and all the numbers I hope I will be of help to you in the future.Hope you are enjoying the sunshine
    this weekend Im just chilling in the garden its so relaxing. Wish you well Sheila.
    Ive written 2 messages to you that just wouldnt go it was driving me mad anyway thank
    for the offer that would be wonderful,also if you know of anyone driving their furniture
    over can you ask them where they got the papers from for the import duty cos Ive phoned everywhere and no one knows thanks best wishes Sheila.
    Im having real problems replying to your messages dont know why. will keep trying.
    Hi Rachyrach yes my apartment is at the Dunes but I really am getting stressed over the furniture, I dont even mind shipping it but aia know it will go to Tunis what do I do then
    sometimes I get into such a worry mood I wish Id never bought it in the first place oh well no point thinking like that now I spose Thanks Sheila
    Hya Rachyrach thanks for info but what is 5oo tnd mean and if you cant get divans what
    are the beds like then because I might take the beds over via ferry, thanks.
    Can I ask why you are taking your furniture from here is it because ite expensive there
    this is whats worrying me because I have only limited funds whats your oponion.
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