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    I think the links would be very helpful for anyone who is interested. I am interested because I believe that nature intends something very different from what religions dicate to their followers, so I would like to read things from those who see no conflict.
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    I see. Many of the writings in the bible indicate a woman is to be the subservient in a marital relationship, which in effect removes her rights of self determination because, regardless of what civil law allows, the religion dictates that she obey her husband. I was curious about this as it...
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    I have heard that Muslim women have no right to self determination, just as they do in other orthodox forms of the worship of the God of Abraham, like fundamentalist Jews and Christians. Are there variations of Islam that allow women self determination?
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    Now this is interesting. Shisha bars are not illegal where you live? I thought they were illegal everywhere but places in the Middle East and Africa.
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    It should be no problem to find a mosque nearby. If there is a college or university in your city they could probably point you toward a community group.
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    Traditional dishes

    Each country and each culture have their own ideas about health food. What are the food items that are popular in Tunisia? Is the vitamin supplement industry as large in Tunisia as it is in the USA?
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    Setting up a company as a foreigner

    50% ownership requirement wouldn't be too bad. I have thought about starting businesses in other countries with women being partners. Having the internet available makes it easier to do business! Now all I need to to find some seed money!
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    Tunisian Specialties

    Many countries, or districts within countries, are famous for certain goods and products, like silk or laquer ware. What are some of the goods that Tunisia is known for?
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    Personal Safety

    I know that in some countries it is best to arrange for a tourguide and tours long before you get there. This way you avoid having problems with those who are not honest or might mean you harm. What are the best places to find tour guides in Tunisia?