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  • hey hun,

    hope you dont mind me messaging you, i was wondering if you could help me with some advice please :eek:)

    me and my guy are on about marrying again and i was wondering if we had to marry in tunisia or if there is anyway he could come here first and us marry while he is here? also we talk alot vis phone and skype and constantly text each other but i was wondering what other things we need to be doing or saving in order for a visa once married, we do write to each other and save them but i dont have a clue what things they want in order for this and could we do the visa process in one visit to tunisia - sorry dont know time frames etc xxxx
    No nothing yet, it is so frustrating just waiting. Our baby is due in 2 months and I cannot fly after 24th June so I hope I know which country to be in!
    Hi Sarah,
    Just wondering if you have heard anything from the Embassy yet????
    hi hun, no i wasnt at the british council, he went on his own. just wondering which documents does he need, as we have his b3 already, but is there anything else that he needs to get from tunisia to put in the application. thanks x x x
    hi, thanks for replying, he took the test on the 18th or 19th march, just got the result and he passed, so happy!!! how about u? did your husband pass?
    hi sarahbelle, hope u dont mind me msgin u, but i am in the same situation as u regarding results. just i wondered if u could give me the e-mail address u sent the e-mail to about the results and got a reply for cuz the one i tried i never got a reply from. thanks x
    sorry, but can i also ask how you are presenting/copiling your paperwork as i was told they dont like folders or ppoly pockets
    hi sarahbelle
    i am just starting the visa process so can you tell me which docs would go out of date?
    Hi Sarah so sorry for delay in replying to you, I haven't logged in for ages, normally just read posts as a visitor.

    Yes we both showed our savings account although there wasn't a lot of savings, just moderate. I don't think it matters if you have none as long as you can show that you can make ends meet when he's here. We did a basic budget planner too which I think would help you also.

    Good luck to you both x
    Hello i was reading ur post of " wedding/marriage book a bit like a passport ??' I'M a little confuse of this. Can u give me a little info. If possible
    I just wanted to tell you once again that I am sorry if you felt at any way ridiculed. That was not the intention of anyone on the thread, I'm sure. I apologize.
    you have helped alot, thank u so much n congrats once again huni wish u the best in life xxx
    can u tell me what u needed to get married n how much everything cost u as in CONI n birth certificate n docs reports n stuff plzz thank u x
    happy for you :) enjoy
    hi sarahbelle..im happy things are workin out for you,
    hi sarah...bet u busy now with wedding and all that lol
    wishin u great day and let me know how things are going xx
    Hi, received the documents today!
    ye that could work...try it..if u wont have time , do it xx:)
    hi..glad u managed to post the papers at least :)..one step at a time..:) i wouldnt do anythin with the dress...id take it there and decide there and then...see how u feel over there...:)
    hey,just to let u know my hubby got papers today from me ..yeayy:) so relieved its finally there xx hope u ok
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