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  • hmm dont really know what they consider being together long enough...dont think 9months is not enough,mayb id wait until after 1 year..but not sure ,ive heard they granted visa to people who knew each less than that...but depends whos gonna review ur application x
    got maried in april,end of april and prety much had all my papers ready by then so was ready to apply in may,got appointment early july ,weve been together 3years end of this month +my birthday end of the month too xx
    hi sarah, ye im fine..gettin more and more anxious ab hubbys appointment next week,but tryin to keep calm and supportive to him,bless him must be hard for him ,glad u managed to sort of ur papers transfer lool,im sure theyll recognize each other and hope everything will go smoothly for u..see? one step at a time and u get there xx if u need anythin,ask me xxx
    just sent u a request on msn.....
    omg i never thought that it could be something dodgey!!! lmao........
    its no problem for me......
    Hi, i live in Blackpool, you could post the document 1st class recorded. I am on the Thomson flight from Manchester landing at 10.45am. As for recognising each other, god knows, the classic reading a book or red rose thing lol.......
    Hi, i land just before midday on the 25th of july and i live in newcastle..... x x I am happy to help if u need me
    hey girl...prob smthin u dont need right now,i sent letter to my hubby with my papers last thurs.was told 3-5workin days,still today he hasnt received it,i called today royal mail and they said its been delivered to tunisia on 1july,so there might be delays in tunisia with it...coz still nothin 8th day...hubby is goin to embasy on monday,well he got appointm.on thurs.but must go monday already to sort sm things out,so he wont have the letter...im soo angry but wat can i do ?? how are u gettin along with ur things??
    hey,yes it had a date on it when it was issued..dont wory much ab the post,just send it to be signed for,im sure itll be fine,many people do it like that,never heard of noone gettin it lost,ull have a record of it sending,so dont wory ,send it over xx
    hi sarahbelle,u more than welcome...actualy,as we are applyin now for visa,i sent hubby my last statements last thursday - they told me it would take 3-5days,and he still hasnt got them..dont know whats happening but hopin they didnt lose it..i sent few letter to him and they all arrived fine,just this last one seems to be takin long..i know 64 gbp is too much,i wouldnt pay it,i wouldnt..send it just to be signed for, get a receipt and it should be fine,,just send it in advance although i know the birth cert.must be 21days old..send it as soon as u get it,even if it had to be the only one u could send..xx it will all be fine soon im sure..dont get stressed over the papers too much,i was stressin more than u probably and in the end was really nothin to be woried ab..xx if i can help,let me know pls xxxx
    hi sarahbelle..i read ur thread , poor u , u must be overwhelmed with all the things goin on in ur life right now...i know its all happening at the same time, but once u past it,itll be all fine, just do one thing by one, i had the same..was getting married, gettin papers ready + gettin all papers for visa at the same time to bring over to hubby, was a mission+was moving my house at the day i was flying out ...was stressfull but when u do it one by one,itll be done,dont wory so much ab the individual papers..send em out to be signed for and they defin.will arrive..if u wana talk or need any help pls talk to me xxxx good luck xx
    He keeps saying all the spice will help you lol, its soooo hot.

    Never mind his heart is in the right place lol, i love him to bits xx xx
    Hi we are good hubby has been looking after me, i have been sick for the last couple of days.

    He has done all shopping xx xx
    Hi hun,

    How are you xx xx
    Hi there,
    My parcel is just a small gift for our friend who has just got her degree at Sousse Uni, are you going soon? I am originally from Leics and was over seeing a buddie just last Friday, where are you situated? The gift would be envelope size?
    dont know if u are aware, but u only wear your wedding dress on the night when you celebrate.....in tunisia u just get married in your casual clothes.......hope u have a lovely wedding......xxx

    I got married in July 2007, had everything translated on a Monday and docs, booked wedding on Tuesday to be married on the Friday. I hope that helps.
    Got your message I responded but then I tried sending another one then going into your page to do it that way but it wont let me do anything ?? its seems to have blocked me lol, x
    Ahh glad you feel better! Ive sent you a friend request on FB!! Your from Leicester - me too!! speak to you on there then, its more private x
    what if he thinks you look fatter? That really made me laugh! Seriously hun dont worry or over analyze it all, think of it as an adventure!!! Tunisia is a fantastic country and your actually going to meet him for real, I think its so exciting!! :) Yes I will be around if you need anything at all but im sure you will be fine, its always good to have a back up plan, I know its not nice to think of it but you do have to be prepared, my first time out was a nigtmare if im honest so glad I booked Kaiser as a back up cause we argued for the first 4 days lol, I can laugh about it now but at the time I felt so alone and just wanted to come home, obviously though it all worked out and arguments are good too, its shows they are normal and not just full of "ahh you have lovely eyes, your hair is so beautiful" haha! Im Rosie by the way, are you on facebook? x
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