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  • hubby got his visa ohhh im so happy
    i know how you feel! am sick of packing and unpacking.
    im over every 5 or 6 weeks since last july and its doing my head in.

    the visa and ielts stuff is a real pain - has your hubby booked his test date yet?
    how is your visa app coming along?
    we are at the early stages of collecting stuff
    hi scorpio
    just back tonight from tunisia
    my fiance from zeramdine but we had a flat in khesema sousse until it all kicked off.
    we hope to get married in july but will see ...
    what about you?
    Hi Scorpio,
    Sorry to hear that, the only thing i have had is phone call to my boss at work from embassy. Good luck with whatver happens.
    hi scorpio
    where in scotland are you?
    im in ayshire
    hi scorpio, i pay 1000 dinar every 3 months for the private school per child. this includes school canteen, bus, admin, uniform, books, etc. my eldest is 13 and youngest is 8. the school is preparing my children in language only for the time being, french and arabic. so hopefully next year the eldest can attend regular school.
    Ikno how you feel hun..i'v just come back after 4 weeks and my fiance wanted me to stay for winter to avoid our **** weather lol.. i wish..xx
    hi how are you, wat up?
    congratulations on your wedding...health wealth and happiness always..xx
    Hi Scorpio, nice to see someone else from Scotland. If you have any questions about anything, wedding, settlement visa just let me know & I will try to help you. I got married back in Feb & H has been here since April. When's the wedding?
    Good morning Scorpio hope that you are in good health! Ok up the top you will see a sign saying NEW POST Click on that and there you will see what members are talking about , you may add a reply or quote them and then reply..Don'=t worry you will get the hang of things..
    Also if you would like to see other topics the simply go to the top of the page where you will see a sign saying TUNISIA.COM COMMUNITY click on that and you will see loads of Subjects , then click on the one that interests you then you may reply or quote..If you have any problems then Click on my name and then you will be directed to my wall where you can leave a message for me, then i will get back to you, hope that this helps..Good luck
    hi im brunette but right now i am feeling very blonde. I stil not sure how to post. Do i visit the thread ie settlement visa and then add a reply or a quote to a person i think may know. Im sorry i am sounding stupid. lol
    and then there is this Settlement Visas - Tunisia.com Community and this Visitors Visas - Tunisia.com Community and this Weddings, friends and Visa issues - Tunisia.com Community
    Hi Scorpio firstly if you would like members to see that you have written them a post you need to CLICK ON THEIR NAME and then that will direct you to there wall...
    Ok here is what you may be looking for Visas revoked and appeals - Tunisia.com Community ..but if not this is what you need to do, look at the top of this page and you will see TUNISIA.COM COMMUNITY, if you click on that you will see loads of topics..
    hi i am not sure how to post but i need info re settlement visa
    Hi Scorpio i just saw you on, hope that you are enjoying the forum so far...
    Welcome to the forum ,hope that you enjoy it like we all do...Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the forum rules,Thank you Tunisia.com Community - Announcements in Forum : General Announcements..
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