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    How to get my tunisian boyfriend a working visa in uk??

    I very much doubt it unless he is skilled in something the UK needs.
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    Buying property

    i think property buying in any middle eastern country can be a daunting task,and there are hundreds of Lawyer in Tunisia,but which ones can you really trust, and who has your best interests at heart.? I,ve considered buying,but can i be sure the land i buy is really mine,also its hard to find...
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    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    i,m always looking for cheap flights,but its getting quite hard to find any......i go through almost every company ,and still the prices seem to climb,and with all the 'add ons' it gets rediculous.
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    Tunisian Romances

    i think its a two way exchange,as many woman use an arab for ***,and the arab uses them for money....both can be as bad as each other,of course it does,nt apply to everyone,however as an example,i recently met an english woman in Egypt,she is 72 ,she introduced me to her husband of 20....there...
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    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    flights through the roof. i,m shocked at how much prices have gone up for flights from UK to Tunisia,and in fact everywhere. i really thought prices would be dropping now we are in recession,but also, i can get charter flights for 1 or 2 weeks,but anything longer seems inpossible.
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    Tunisian Wedding traditions

    i have been to many muslim weddings in Egypt and i guess they must be quite the same in Tunisia.? very beautiful and colourful .
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    Older women married to younger Tunisian men

    i know there are many european woman with younger men in most arab countries,and its variable as to how successful it is. are you living together in the UK.? i have an aquaintance who married a Morrocan guy 2 years ago ,they live in England and Wahid works in a nursing home. pretty well all...
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    Bringing bits in to tunisa

    i,m sure you will have no problems with this.
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    Need to message a moderator

    i,m wondering if/why we cant get e mail notifications of our posts. i,m sure it would make the site used much more often.? thankyou.
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    Hotels in Tunis

    does anyone know what the el hana in tunis is like? or any other hotels in tunis they could rec. thankyou.
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    Hotels in Tunis

    looking for reasonable hotel in centre location. any idea of prices please.
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    Help please!

    RE: Help please! one of the safest places i know.
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    topless in monastir????

    RE: topless in monastir???? i have traveled to many countries in the middle east and i find it rude and disrespectful to go topless.we are reminded we are in moslem countries and should adher to their laws. if someone wants to dress in skimpy clothes they should go to a non moslem country.!