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  • Hi Sheila hope that you are in good health! Sheila so many things have happened over the last two weeks that if you had asked me before the 17 december if i thought this kind of thing would happen i would have said NO, i really cannot say if things will get better, they should as a new Government had been choosen yesterday but do not forget they now have to choose a President so i really cannot say..Hope that things do settle but like i said i cannot say as yet.. x
    Hi Sheila hope that you are in good health! I think that it maybe better as you must have seen the news, don't really advice you to go now anyway..Take care x
    Hi Sheila hope that you are in good health! Don't worry you can send me 20 messages a day if you like..:D Like i said the best person who knows PEK like the back of her hand is Essem, i see that she has written you a post and when Essem says that she will find out for you i promise you she will..:) If it was anything to do with Nabeul then i could help straight away. sorry..x
    Hi Sheila

    I have friends who live in the same road, but on the beach down from Les Dunes in an apartment block called Residence Adam. Their official address is Tantana but it all runs into one another - all really referred to as Chott Meriem - def not PEK as it was marketed.

    Will try to find out if noddy trains runs along - another friend stays in Delila Apts just a few mins further along and he says he can't remember seeing them go as far along.

    You'll have to be prepared to use taxis from there to PEK at least. In car 5 mins or so from PEK - my friend walking along the beach 1 hour+ (depends how fast you walk though?). And a bit further into Sousse obviously.
    Hi Sheila i am good thank you, hope that you are also! Yes i did get your message and did reply i can see it below but anyway the best person to ask about PEK is Essem she will help you out as much as she can.. Hope that this helps, sorry but i am always in Nabeul..x
    Hi Sheila

    Like I said previously, if people npay you there in dinars, I don't think you will be able to have access to it here. Best if they pay you in the UK.

    For others paying in resort in dinars, as far as I am aware you can only open a dinar bank account when you have residency. This may have changed so best to double check.

    And if they pay you there in foreign currency, if it's not declared (like I said before) you won't be able to deposit it. Best to ask more questions at your bank in Tn.

    Also, if you are renting how much do you have to pay the goverment in taxes?
    Hi sheila

    I opened a bank account there before I had my residency so, yes, you can open a bank account here.

    You will only be able to transfer money back if it has been declared on the way in - either declared at airport or transferred through your UK bank. As far as I know, non residents can only have convertible currency accounts which means you have to pay in in either GBP or Euros (or any other currency).

    With this account you cannot deposit/pay in dinars.

    Perhaps you mean transfering back dinars that you have made through renting your apartment? As far as I know not possible. Perhaps best to accept payments in the UK in sterling as others on here who rent out have done.
    Hi nSheila, no this is the firs tmsg I've had from you. Try sending it again please.
    Hi Shelia hope that you are in good health! I am fine thank you .. I knew that she would get in contact with you she is one in a million and will help anyone anyway that she can...
    Hi Sheila, Got ur msg thanks. Not sure what's happening with my wall but if u can't leave a msg contact me on [email protected] All best.
    Hi Shelia i tell you what, i will leave Essem a message and she will reply to you...
    Hi Shelia if you go to Essems wall you will be able to send her a message just click on this and you will be directed to Essems wall http://forum.tunisia.com/members/essem.html i forgot to tell you that you wrote a message on your own wall to me by mistake.. Hope that you manage to send a message if not then please write a message on my wall..
    Hi Roulla hope you are well ,Ive tried to send Essema message cant see an option to send a message like I can for you,what should I do, I wonder if shes restricted her profile.Do you think anyone else will know, Thankyou anyway for your help.
    Hi Shelia hope that you are well ! It is really easy , next time you would like to contact a member the easy thing to do is GO TO MEMBERS LIST and click on The members name where you will be directed to their wall, if you are having any problems then please do not hesitate to write on my wall.
    Here is Essem's wall page like requested... http://forum.tunisia.com/members/essem.html
    Hi Shelia i am good thank you for asking!! Hope that this message reaches you in good health!
    Here is a map ofr you it wont take that long.. Airport Enfidha (NBE) as for opening an account i have an account but i do not know if it was easy because i am married to a Tunisian even though i don't live there, the best person to ask is Essem she is really lovely and full of advice..Good luck..
    Have just read Roulla s post on Enfihda airport brilliant news its a beautiful building,can
    anyone tell me is it closer to PEK than Monastir airport and would I get a taxi from there .
    I live 10 mins away from Gatwick so would be Ideal for me hope you are all well and happy Thankyou.
    Hi Sheila hope that you are in good health! Wow so you will never be late for a flight then.:D Which part of Tunisia do you go to ?
    Thanks Sheila, its nice to be able to speak to someone who is going through the same hassle, but it'll all be worth it in the end lol.
    Thanks Sheila, yours should hopefully be done as [planned now. Ours have only bren delayed as jay got one his brothers ( whom we thought we could trust) to arrange building etc and jay went out there now to get my kitchen sorted, only to find nothing has been done and furthermore his brother didnt have the latest money we sent out (over £10 thousand!!). He has got the money back but we dont know what his brother was thinking. Whole familt is angry with him, at least jay has managed to find another builder who we trust, but basically this brother could have got it done ages ago -and that is what i am so angry about, and lending my money to some guy in Tunis - i mean how dare he,.... sorry am starting to rant again. Good that u got air con but a pain tgat been delayed.
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