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  • hi sorry its took so long to reply , origionally we were going to get married in tunisia and only apply for a visit visa at first so marwan could meet my family and see the uk first but my dad lost his job and now cant afford to go to tunisia to see me get married with my mum also . so we decided to try to get married here as i am an only child and my parents will not get another chance to see their child get married . thanks for the advice though and if we dont get this appeal then i will be coming to tunisia to marry :)
    Good morning Sian hope that you and your husband are both in good health! Happy birthday to you, hope that you have a glorious day today and everyday x x
    YouTube - happy birthday to you
    By the way today is Tarek's birthday as well !!!!! you share the same day of birth :)
    happy birthday Sian, i hope you have a great time...
    Ah Sian

    Thanks so much for that, really helpful and kind! I ill accept your fb request and then you can see the album on there with wedding photos in it!

    Massive congratulations on your baby, I am so excited for you!! So do you live in the UK or are you still in SA?

    Stel xxx
    Hello hun!! Well, how is it going?? Has Ash settled in well? x
    thank you babe....ive tried everything. calling him. texting him. calling him witheld. ive even spoken to his friends.
    short of going out there, theres nothing i can do.
    :( xx
    Not long now hun, have an amazing time bringing him home & enjoy every second!! Will be thinking of you both x x x
    hopefully I can persuade K over here and we can all meet up now him and Ash have met :) Yes we are really good thanks, got 3 weeks to go, we are both as excited as eachother but I guess the time will go really slow until then :( Im alreaduy thinking about when I have to come back here agin without him, it gets harded everytime, as you know. He said this time we need to start making plans for the future (ive been putting it off just to be weary) but im thinking the same now, need to think about what we are going to do and get the ball rolling. All the best for your trip and hope he loves it here, with all this lovely weather, haha x x x
    Hiya hun, just missed you on FB, you went offline but I sent you a response:) Bet you cant wait now, is Ash nervous?? K has never even been on a plane so even that would freek him out x x x
    Thank you :) xx
    hi sian thanks for reply.i know how you feel leaving anis was horrible just been speaking to him only four weeks to go until we back together. keep your chin up girl it wont be long now until you and ash back together and you have the rest of your life together with him take care hun and i will keep in touch with youxxx
    hi sian hope you good seen your wedding photos on facebook you look stunning my daughter thinks you are very beautiful.everything good with me and anis he had problem with his time off at saadia cos quiet there at minute but hopes to go back in 2 still very much together im very happy with him.take care xxx
    just the way you worded your last reply. x
    Calm down, how was I suppose to know x
    Just realised you are 27, thought u were younger x
    Yes got so much snow here ! My boss rang and said its not bad you have to come in (it WAS bad) so I drove for over an hour and he hasnt come in !!!! Cheeky sod! Im off home in a bit cause its going to start again isnt it?? Im so jealous your still in bed haha you enjoy it x
    Aww thank you (about the pic)...Its me and my best mate :) Oh im rubbish with facebook but will go and and send a friend request then we can have a nose around eachothers pics :) x x x
    Hey Sian saw your pics look fab! I have got a couple up finally! x
    Hiya hun! Im good thanks, hope you are too! Just had a look at your pics, they are so lovely! You looked amazing and very happy! Congratulations x x x
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