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  • Thanks for the friendship request ! x x x
    hi nela how ru , thank u soo much for ur message , yeah i dotn liek makeup soo much so iwas very specific a sto how i wanted it , natural a spossible so i got wot i wanted , yeah my sister also had for her wedding henna done exactly like mine
    your wedding pic are lovely, the make-up is very gentle for Tunisian standards mind you..I have never seena henna done like that but is beautifull. all the best x x
    You have just totally confued me, prob easier if u add me, roxie roche, think therre is only one of me... but if not i am on bristol network!!
    lovely pics babe xx
    great Pics congrats!
    Congrats on your wedding, Sian.the pictures are beautiful!!!
    All the best in the future xxx
    hi hun

    how are you? x
    Hi Sian we have changed our appt to 29th as the ministry in Tunis wanted his papers in Arabic and he only had them in French & english - what a carry on! What paper did you find that not many ppl know about??!!!! Please tell me that I have everything they want!!!! x
    hey Sian Your back! How did the wedding go? Mine was fantastic just went too quick! Have you put in for the visa yet? we have our appt 26th xx
    Hi sian congratulations on your forthcoming wedding and may you have a good happy life together. Yes me and my fiance are getting married march 27 th 2010 it will be our first year anniversary so lots of peperation to do. Well have a fantasic time and weeding and all the best sarah jane xxxxxx
    Hi sian i am good thank you. so sian are you married or have a bf ?
    Hi carmelita how r u ?
    Hi sorry I didnt response I am not getting married at the moment I was just wondering which designer you will use to choose yur dress from?
    Hi Carmelita just wanna ask you if you are getting married on the 10 th of October?
    Hi there girl friend. thanks for your welcome.x
    oh i have been so busy , workin non stop ge thome sleep from 2pm and then wake up 530 ish and then work on the paper work for ach ... and my wedding so much and don thave so much time do al i want /.. im glad to hear that u r gettin better and hey i hope u can mak it to my special day 10 october
    hi hun

    no probs, bet you have lots and lots too do :) x

    im ok, still a big groggy but better than i was lol good to be back on tho, missed it soo much :)
    good morning hun

    how are you, not spoke to you for a while x
    hi Sian, thank you for your friend're my first!

    I don't know how to get around this site so maybe you could help? I seem to be using it with a bit of pot luck up to've yet to add my profile details and some pics...not tonight though, been on this pc till early hours for the past 4 nights and I'm shattered now. I look forward to chatting with you soon...take care of yourself...x
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