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  • ahhh cool :)

    i havent noo, will look now :)
    hi huni

    what date is the wedding, could try and work a few days off and swap em for your big day :)

    would love to be there :) x
    hi hun

    how are you? :)

    missed you :)

    Hi Sian How are you? Not long till your away! Ive got 12 weeks yet! Arrive 23rd sept and marry 26th! Not long till yours either. At work now, at least it makes the time pass quicker! take care xx
    hi sian, how are you? i just read you msg in facebook, i'm fine working a lot and not having much fun (at the moment) i'm glad everythink is ok for you..take care xxx
    hi sian, how are you? i've been working as usual doubles and few singles 8 days in a row..not off until tuesday !!! how are you? how is the house? and how is ash?...i hope everything is ok and you are not working too hard !!!! take care xxx
    hi babe, i'm fine just enyoing my 3 days off !!! sunny over here...i hope you ok xxx
    ey, how are you doing? i hope you ok xxx
    well i have said to him let me have 2 days there then i will decide and he said ok,but i know he will be happier if i said he doesnt want me too be grumpy he just wants me to be happy and smiling.give me my bank card so i can book my flights then ill be it looks like that wont be coming until end of next week at latest :(
    i just wanted to know if i was gonna have a neighbour that is all.hey abs has no problem with ksibet but he isnt too happy baout tunis.but he also said if you stay with ash's family then me and him can share a taxi and i can spend the morning with you then meet him after work.but i think we are gonna be too much ksibet we might get banned heheeheheehe,get everyone doing ymca what ya think??????? go down the street see who follows :)
    my sexy friend,im good hows you? im just watching last nights britains got talent.not long 7 weeks to go :) yaiiiiiiiiiiiii oh and abs has just said he might join us for a drink he is being brave at the mo how long it will last i dont you think you will go for one of those apartments?????? xxxxxxxxxx
    hi babe, how are you??? too tired i hope you ok after you hard day at work xx
    hi i'm not bored but i'm still so tired i havent rest much...i'm working today...back to reality!!!!! i need few days off to be ready to work!!!!
    hi babe, you were in facebook at the same time as me and later in here xxxx
    Hi hun,

    How are you :)
    sian i catch you everywhere !!!!! monika
    Hi Sian , thank u for the beautiful message , im fine thanks , i hope u are well. have a nice day
    Thanks very much x
    hey good,hows you? its in monastir it looks very nice,just basic.but i dont think you can tell till you get there can you? x
    hi i was there in june-july, and i will be back in tunisia this year but i don't know yet when...are you getting married soon?
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