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  • Now you can just copy from your photos and paste..
    Skele, when Janan is not on the defensive she does have a sound take on things maybe not in language formulated how we are used to I think. Knowing her just a little I do agree with how she sees some things. Because NetNiet is a gentle soul she is easier to read, but read again some of Janans stuff as I say when she is not being defensive. By the way I cannot thank people for some reason shall tell admin. Thanks Cas.
    Skele, bit off Lampedusa topic but wanted to tell you all through high School,college in Canada you are expected to volunteer if you don`t chances are no job with 30% unemployment in rural areas not wise. For any other age no volunteers, nothing functions at all, not at all like UK. I`m not talking sweet old ladies making tea in charity shops. Agreed with your second post by the way.
    By the way our probation service relies on volunteers, I have done 6months on a government project and god knows how many things in Canada.
    Anyway of to Sousse sunday, be interesting see it with our own eyes and through M`s eyes also.
    hi skele, how are you? im just back in Tunisia after spending a month in Mauritius taking care of my dad. Unfortunately we didn't get any luck with the visa and I will be heading back to the UK soonish when I have sorted some stuff out. take it easy x
    just realised you were London based, my friends daughter, in London, in events for charities and local communities getting a few contracts but short lengths. Another friends son does sales of programs IT for contractors, his family company, also a big drop, he is based in London.
    This is all I know and just tell you of my personal knowledge you understand. I think retail is dire and public services but some fields maybe a slight turn around.
    Hi Skele, yes we are 10 mins from EMA, Notts /Derby border. It is a tricky one, think it depends on what you do, age, flexibility. My eldest son 33, well known around Derby in his field has had 3 job offers, all different fields, he was head of sales and conferencing at Pride Park Football Stadium till the company pulled out and they offered him Wembley and Arsenal, he doesn`t do London lol. Difference is this year same jobs paying 50% of last year. They are saying with experience and the right age you stand a chance. Young and older no chance. Leicester has job vacancies apparently and not enough experienced applicants, don`t know about Coventry, you can go anywhere? Generally the word is it is bad, people saying on TV they have no work for a year.
    My husbands company set on people now and then who can work with wood, I got two Albanian guys on there, really good workers, they love it, work orders up and down this year. If I can be of any help in any way I`ll give you my em.addy.
    Yep I made the very same point last year, seriously,I think if you are on a forum best way to think is, well behind every comment may be a silver lining or may just be some inane thought, either way it all may get posted. BTW I meant it with sincerity to your French adventure. If you did a calculated tally of what I say I am a straight talker innuendi limited. (except where the guys are concerned and never anything smutty or bad language) Not that you would ever waste time doing this.
    Fair Enough.....Good Luck with your life in France.
    "You are you wish" Thanks for that ..........?
    Skele I think you should know after reading your post in reply to Janan starting with her provocation of Cave just now, that I have on my wall Gem stating that Cave winds Janan up because she is so easy. So I think this to some degree negates what we were supposed to be doing which in actual fact was a VERY light hearted exchange on our part. Seems like people needed a cause and both myself and Janan have broad shoulders. I have just come on to make you aware of this, shall at least for quite a while just come on to read info posts. I am only interested in Tunisia and Tunisians.
    Hi, someone mentioned that you might be able to offer some advice on my thread; how to get my husband to England.

    Thanks Kate
    Hi Kitten, he's supposed to have a five year residence card right now, but they gave him a year because apparently their computer systems only do 1 year or 10 years so have to take that up with EU. After 5 years they get an indefinite one I think.
    hi u been? just wanted to ask as ur hubby has eea in france(hope its right)..he can apply for resid.stamp/card thast valid for 5 years and then wat? does he need to apply for ILR also ...not like my hubbys there yet just wondering ha thanks a lot xx
    Hi Skele
    I wonder if you could help me Ive emailed mel but as we know shes dragging Fred and Kitty round Italy lol..I wan to look into the route you have chosen to be with your husband in EU- does this lead to him being able to get into UK> I am a freelance writer and dont have to be in UK to work so once I dont have the same commitment level here it is an option I could take. Hope you dotn mind me asking. Al
    Hey, Skele. How are you??? :D
    I don't want to seem too forward or anything, but you said you were a freelance journalist??
    Well, I've been invited to pitch a story to a well-known magazine, and I have no idea how to pitch a story???
    I've been trying to break into journalism since I left school, and obviously, it's not gone so well. :( Lol.
    Do you have any tips or advice???
    Thanks. :D
    freds lost my fone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    catch me on msn or skype bud!

    WILL see you xmas if you are not going to the UK then?
    Thank you, Skele..:)
    ,hey you hows things!!! find me on forum if you wanna msn
    ohh sorry misunderstood u...5 weeks has passed,id be the 1st one complainin..HOWEVER..(big however lol)..there might be smthin not quite right with my papers like i explained earlier..therefore im just waitin,not contactin them..dont wana give them more reasons to refuse me..tahtswhy just waiting,coz they prob need more time to check everything....its been 5weeks and 1 day now..and how i was furious last calm ..waiting for the result...thast wats important for me,not the waiting anymore xxxxthank u
    thanks skele..will do that..but will wait for our result first xxxx
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