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  • Hi my husband has an appointment a british embassy 10th june,ive been told that he needs to pass some english test,can anyone tell me how and where he does this test.Thanks
    Here is a gift from google for when you need it next time.. Google Translate|
    Peut etre -= perhaps
    pour ce moment = for this/the moment
    Hi Skipper hope that you are in good health! peut etre pour ce moment means can be for this moment , in French..
    You pasted this on your wall..
    does anyone know what peut etre pour ce moment means in english
    does anyone know what this means in ehglish peut etre pour ce omment
    How the hell have you managed a 13year LDR?x
    does anyone know wot my husbands chances are for getting his settlement visa,we been together 13 years got wed in july of this year and have a 12 year old son,we have never applied for his visa before,i work full time here in uk
    Hey,how did the wedding go?
    can anyone let me know if my tunisian husband can divorce me in tunisia without my consent and if so how long does it take.i live in uk
    Hi hun,

    For the wedding and the translation of all our documents it cost 300dinars.

    That was in Sousse at the register office, you have to book one month in advance.

    Let me know if there is anything else you need to know xx xx
    hi does amybody know how much a civil wedding is going to cost in tunisia without the reception just the actual marriage
    Lucky you that sounds lovely reception on a boat. How funny though i live in weston-super-mare !!!! So you never know we both could be at embassy at same time as we both going over just a day apart and both marrying only 2 days apart
    Wow thats some long engagement !!!!! I am getting married in jendouba and staying for 2-3 months,flying out from heathrow on the 29th june so when i get there have just a few days to get everything together !!!!! What part of england do you live in if you dont mind me asking
    Hey just noted your post,i am getting married on the 3rd july !!!! like you if all papers are ready
    Me again if you need help with anything click onto my profile and leave me a visitors message and i will get back to you xx xx
    Hi Skipper your Bcert should be ok, all they are looking for is the most recent.

    Yours will be fine xx xx
    im coming over to tunisia 30th june to marry my tunisian boyfriend,ive just requires a copy of my birth certificate to bring with me but am a bit worried as to if there is a limit on how old the certificate is,i was issued mine on 4th june 2010 will this be still valid when i go over to get married
    Hi i am coming over to tunisia on 30th june to marry my boyfriend,we have been together 13 years and have an 11 year old son so have decided its time to wed.I will be bringing my certificate of no impediment with me,i have been told that this has to be translated by british embassy into french along with my birth certificate.Do i need to make an appointment at embassy and how long will it take for me to receive the documents from them,also would be grateful for any other information i will need,costs for ceremony,translated certificates etc,many thanks sue
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