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  • Soltef, I can't PM you so I'll sai it here, due to security reasons, we don't talk about what Delene found out and such, we believe her hubby has spies here, so becareful :)
    Hi Lynsey

    Congrats!Well done!!Call me-whenever!Wish they had PMs!
    hi hun

    not spoke to you for a while, will call you when i can, i have found a job now - yeah :)

    how are you hun? hope all is well :)
    cheers for the heads up about the jobs x
    He's in T,loveconquersall!I'm trying to get him a job here!Happy New Year!
    Hi thanks how long has your husband been looking for a job
    Thanks,Roulla!Hope you had a great Xmas!What's cooking?
    Merry xmas and a happy new year x x
    hi hun

    i cant p, you - you have a full box

    hi hun

    you didnt ofend me at hun :)

    i had a great few days off but now im back im soo grumpy :) lol

    how are you hun?
    Eid mabrouk to you as well !!! your box is full i couln't send you a message :) take care xx
    hi hun

    i cant pm you - you have a full box lol

    im bored to death, im at work and i hate it lol

    just waiting for my mum to text me tho and say your sunday lunch is ready - im starving lol

    how are you?

    will give you a call later if you want :)
    Hi Soltef, hope that you are in good health! Wow lucky for those who live in Newcastle, go to the thread..News from Tunisia..x
    Hey you, how are you? are you ok?
    hi hun

    you ok? :)
    good morning hun

    how are you, not spoke to you for a while x
    hi there,drop me a line to let me know how you all are, take care,thinking of you
    hi soltef ,i couldn't sent you a PM cause it says to me everytime that your email box is totaly full ,so soltef you can't recieve any PM unless you delete some of them,
    Thank you so much. Compared to your story, mine sounds like no big deal!!! I'm sure everything will be fine but you know sometimes you cant help but stress about things. Anyway, what are you going to do next? Are you married?
    Hiya just incase you did not see me post this on one of the threads..Go to classified section, under employment and you will find a job working from home....
    Hiya, the forum did used to run a meet up in London, I cant remember who organised it but Im sure the member doesnt come on here any more, why would you be interested in having one???
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