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  • hi stelabelle , thaks for ur message , i have only just seen ur messag enow . and i t has never been ther ebefore .. thank u for acceptin me but wot sur real name on fb then , aww im in uk now been here 10 years comon on 29th july , it was quiet a ride to be here and get my citizenship so it sbe really hectic and then i go marry my lovel tunisian husband who wil eb goin thru the process a si did , except i got mine thru ancestorial ... thank u for the wishes of our goregous son who shal be here in 2mths . inchallah ..xxx
    Good luck!!!...
    Stelabelle.....shall I just write Cebella, Cebella then....sorry I'm so stupid....xxxxx
    Hi Estelle

    Congratulations Mrs Khiari, did'nt get any pre wedding messages but thanks for continuing to stalk me! I'd love to chat properly and will drop you a proper Email at the address you've given. I'm upto my eyes at work at the moment which at least stops me stressing over the wedding 7 weeks tomorrow arrrrrgh. All advsie and calming influenece wil be greatly appreciated. But for now back onto the work laptop and WORK.

    Patricia x
    hi , thak u for the add on , i live in the uk now been here nearly 10yrs in july...im originally form zimbabwe ... lol,,,,,, hop eur hubby also gets al his papers sorted for the visa oh it doe sur head in but u do et round it ... xx
    you can add album on your profile page ......i cant remember but i think thats what i did then add photos to it :)
    hi how ru , congratulations on ur mariage and wish u all the best fir the future, just one thing i will let u know , they dont even lookat the disc ..plus try and provide a year bank sttatement and they will ask to keep a 3mths lot i think of bank statements and i evn produced one savin account that held 7.35 in it and aother tha had 1.70 in it and then a isa and my acctual account, and u wil get back the pictures u provide and wedding cards , it took us under three weeks for hubby to ge this visa and he was luck andnow we r havin a baby in sept 20th .. he is well and settled here and now in th eprocess of lookin for a job .. can i have a sneek peek of ur weddin pics , if u have facebook maybe u can add me if u want.. im under sian carmelitta ayed or my emil [email protected] ........... tah hun and all the best for the visa and ul be fine just provide all u can as i was told its liek a mortgage and i still think wot the heck how can it be ... lol
    CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN to you and you husband delighted for you both we would all love to see photos :) wishing you both all the best for the future
    Congratulations to you and your husband for your wedding, wish you all the happiness for the future..
    part 2 ......

    YOu did make me chuckle about your hired frock, I loe it! I too was an 80's chick so I an picture it! And I was at Nej's cousins wedding last year, so I can imagine the jewelled effect! Can't wait to see the photos!

    I have bought one over here...I love it...ebay... a wedding dress sample... bargain! 5 hours in the hairdressers??????? My god that will be AMAZING!

    I have two weeks to go and we are all sooooo excited, it's down to the last few jobs now... I have to say w ith rings, I ended up with more jewels, nothing seems to be plain over there and it does make me smile!

    Well, fingers crossed we will all be drinking cocoa next winter eh? Depending on where you live in the UK, who knows, a little get together... what a dream! Our Bizerte boys talking about their wives! :)

    Take care and as I say I will let you know how it all goes!

    remember - [email protected] !!

    Estelle xx
    Hi Patricia

    Thanks sooooo much for all the messages, sorry for the delayed response, I've really had NO Time tpo be on here - definitely email me at [email protected] - I am much quicker on there!

    First thanks to YOU! My fiance told me tonight, you had been to Residence Ain Mariem and booked your wedding! I am sooo pleased for you, I think it iwll be a great day, I will send you some pics once we are back so yo ucan see how it all went!

    I have to say, though they promise to sort a lot, I am taking my own balloons, tables decs and favours etc. I'm also getting a few folks to carry real champagne over as it is TRES EXPENSIVE over there !
    You'll need to read in reverse order!

    So I'm hoping to get over at the end of Feb and do as much as possible then, may take a trip up to the Ain Meriem and reserve rooms, as by then my friends / family should know what they are doing. Also I really want to have booked the notary (or whatever) who does the wedding. The hotel director says they have someone they use regularly and not to worry we can sort it when I arrive in May...worrying! That's a good point what have you done? When did you arrange it?

    Finally, GOOD LUCK, I'm sure you're getting more excited as the day comes nearer. I hope it's everything you've dreamed and the settlement stuff is a breeze and soon you’re both happily living in good old freezing England.

    Patricia x
    I don't know the reason they turned him down as he was so mad he forgot to bring the letter with him so has to go back again today.

    I'm putting all that behind me now and going into full planning mode. First step is to beg a week off work so I can go back over before May as I'm too much of a wuss to be apart for 5 months and I do need to sort rings and a suit for him. (My dress was all part of the kidnapping event so I have a subtle little number rented... I look like a mirror ball! Well I suppose the 80’s were my era so I might as well just give in to the whole diamante thing. Mutton dressed as lamb is a definite possibility- ah well!)
    Having to split message as too long and can't find the Private message thingy!!!!!

    I hope you had a good time with your man over New Year, I was desperate when I returned after 3 weeks but was holding on to the small hope that the visitor's visa would be granted. Typically I'd been back in the country for less than 3 days when the powers that be gave a resounding no. I know it was to be expected but I was (am) cross. On the balance of probabilities they don't think he'd go back. Why don't they just say we think he's taking advantage of you, you stupid old woman - I mean we'd even provided a copy of the hotel reservation and the nice Director had done a letter for us. Ah well, I'm just going to have to make sure we provide everything we can for the settlement visa and fret until he's here. It doesn't help that his friend was turned down for a settlement visa yesterday so Fethi's now convinced we will be as well.

    Firstly apologies for not getting back to you sooner - I got back last Monday and life has been hectic since. Second apology is for not being able to find an English speaking hairdresser in Bizerte, I got whinged at for wanting to go in every one we passed but had no luck. I was hijacked by Fethi's sister and aunt so am booked in with their hairdresser for hair and makeup and I have absolutely NO idea what I've been signed up for just that I have to go the day before the wedding as well as the day and it's going to take 5ish hours on the day!!! I know I'm a bit of a wreck, but 5 hours!

    Now for the thanks as we'll be getting married in your hotel. We did shop around but it was definitely the best choice as far as accommodation was concerned. So we're booked in for 31st of May and I will be begging you for details of your day so I know what to expect and what I need to add, if anything.
    Hi and Welcome to the forum...
    Hi welcome to the forum ;-)
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