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  • welcome back to the forum sweetheart hope everything has been good for you since you were on before xo
    Thanks Anna. Wishful thinking on my part.

    How were Thomson with your luggage? Was the allowance 20kg? Can you also remember how much hand luggage you can take?

    Thanks Anna, the whole hassle from men takes getting used to, but at least this time I am going knowing what it is like. Are you going to write a review on Tripadvisor?
    Hi Anna,

    I just wondered whether you felt okay there on your own. Last year when I went to the Tej, I had never been on holiday on my own, always with friends or family. It was fine other than the hassle from the men, lol. It sounds like it was okay for you in the hotel.

    I am planning to go in either October, November or December. Really dependent on when I can get time off, and also having to attend a friend's wedding, here.

    Was the safe in your room easy to use?
    Hi Anna

    Sorry I had to delete your thread as you put the name of the company in the title and it's not allowed on here as there were problems before with a couple of them. Have a look through the property threads/section and you'll see what I mean.

    You should do it yourself - I did and saved myself a fortune. Many of these companies charge the buyer 5% which is a nonsense. Once you find a suitable property, it's fairly straightforward. And I avoided buying off plan like the plague - many apartments which were meant to be finished by a certain date, haven't been.

    Where were you thinking of buying?
    Good stuff, so glad that it was okay for you. Had you gone on your own? I will be going on my own.
    Anna, that is good to hear. I was waiting to hear what you had to say, deciding whether I would cancel. Is the gym at the hotel open yet? Did you try any of the other restaurants in the hotel, if so what would you recommend?
    Welcome back Anna. Hope you had a lovely time, and the hotel was okay.
    no probs its sorted, i knew you were not on the forum.
    thanks for the offer, and have a good holiday, if you are going to be in hammamet ~ look me up if you email me from my contact info i will give you my tel num
    thats a relief.......thankyou
    Hi there just to let you know i posted my documents to you today....they said they should be with you before 1pm tomorrow...fingers crossed....
    ive told my fiance our arrangements and hes happy with it all apart from the carrying of the the thing we said lol
    if you let me have your mobile number then ill text you and let you know what he will be wearing to go to the airport in...

    thankyou so much again...just let me know when you recieve the papers so i can breathe again
    ok nothing has come through yet.......

    did you put an under score between the two letter a ??
    lol i swear its just a coni and copies of my passport
    think we need to make arrangements as i need your address if your willing to do it...
    perhaps you can add me on msn dont want it public lol

    [email protected]
    hi anna thankyou for getting back to me......
    would it really be ok if you took it for me ????
    i will leave the envelope with documents in open so you can see exactly what you are carrying lol
    Hi there were in the uk are you living ????
    what time do you land in monastir airport ????
    i could get my fiance to be at the airport then just work out how you will recognise each other lol
    heya your welcome, im not sure when ill be back in tunisia hubby is waiting on decsision for visa so we will know what our next plan is soon depending on the results, just finished work not good working on sundays when the sun is sorching outside :(
    Hi Anna,

    I am fine, wish I wasn't here. I am hoping to go to Sousse in November if everything goes according to plan. I wait to hear what you think of the hotel, but have emailed someone who stayed there, and he said it would be okay if I wasn't all inclusive.
    Hi Anna,

    Just read this review on the Movenpick which I think you may find useful.

    I tried to copy and paste it for you, but it has too many characters. It is the review that gives top ten tips for all inclusive guests.

    Top Ten Tips for All Inclusive Guests at the Movenpick in Sousse - Moevenpick Resort and Marine Spa Sousse, Sousse Traveller Reviews - TripAdvisor
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