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  • Happy birthday to you hope that you had a fantastic day..x x
    I need to decorate to be honest, don't worry about what anyone says like you said you know what is and is not true..I have never ever posted on there but my name is splattered across the site, jealousy gets them no where that's what i say..I even noticed your face-book is on there , disgusting attitudes..Have a nice day.x
    Hi how are you ? we have not seen you on here for ages ..Take care..
    hi suverny...sorry to bother would u be able to send me the sample letter also?? plss my email is [email protected] - also if u can send it,can u delete this message so my email wont be visible for everyone ..thanks a lot xxx
    thanks so much for the sample letter will help loads, its alot of work isnt it but its so worth it, at the moment im just trying to see what extras i can add, to help, i have printed also and index of photos, you know when you get photos developed and you get one with a thumbnail of the photos, well i will add many 6x4 photos and was thinking the index will help too on a4 paper just to show theres so many photos lol
    if you dont mind sending the sample letter thanks a million :) so much paper work we are half way there thank god
    thank you , can you think which mohammed his bro may be now? lol x
    aaaahhhh cos we'e not friends 2 secs x
    Hehe see the pics of me and my boy, see mohammed kinda looks like him but with a rounder face haha!! I havent stayed there no x
    Bloody hell there are so many mohammeds, My hubbys first name is i think I know him cos I have been going since 2001............u ever stayed there?
    erm chef I think , and they married 3 years ago but he only came over in 2008 or last year I think so he would have worked there till then defo 2006/07/ maybe 08 x
    His name is Mohammed , married to a lady called Jacqui. Living in essex x
    Hey there, hope you are good? I noticed your husband use to work at Dar Khayam, my Boys Bro use to work there, but now he is in england with his wife too x
    my husband is from chott meriem and he worked at the marhaba palace hotel for years on the beach doing the watersports.
    That's absolutely fantastic, nothing better than keeping you go to the gym everyday then ?
    Hiya hope that you and your husband are both in good health! Wish that i was as motivated as you towards the gym,,,well done on you , how long have you been doing it now?
    Hiya hope that you and your husband are both in good health! Where have you been hiding stranger ? Good to see your post...
    Hiya Mrs we are really good, apart from the freezing
    Hi hun..All is good here :) Hows you all? xx
    Why will it be emotional, sorry for being nosey???? :) I cry when I leave even now, I think I just don't like goodbyes!!!!
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