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  • Happy birthday hope that you had a great time! Where have you been x x

    Long time no see, how you doing? xx xx :)
    Hello!! Ahh it was lovely to meet you too!! Was such a shame it was not for longer!! Aahh does he.. Bless him.. You going to stay friends with him?? Aahh he seemed really lovely hun!! Hmm handling the speration - at the moment im not lol... im an absolute state, i have gone through £40 credit within just over 24 hours.. Salim has been texting me non stop and set reminders on my phone saying i love you ect, we are both not handling this too well at all.. I think as last tim i wa there for 3 months and this time was only 12 days.. Oh well just counting down the days again lol and keeping busy!!
    Ok sweets hope you sleep well and il catch up with you soon hun xxxxx
    Hello you!!

    Was just seeing who was online and look who i found lol.. Ahh was so lovely to meet you hunnie at last!! Sorry i didnt text back earlier im all over the place not handling being back in the uk too well this time, oh well count down begins lol xxxxx
    I will let you know what happens we will only rent to people we know.

    I am off to bed c you 2morrow nite nite xx xx
    Defo Sousse,

    Hubby is from Gafsa which is 4 hours from Sousse, not much doing there and Monastir he doesn't like.

    So defo Sousse xx xx
    Yeah we will move over but not for a few years yet, so we will be renting out xx xx

    We go a week Sunday can't wait sick of this weather, we hope to look at property when we are over.

    A week isn't really enough time but we go back in Sept for 2 weeks fingers crossed xx xx
    Hi hun,

    How are you 2nite, it's cold up here in Inverness lol xx xx
    Just in case ur wondering???? that is me who just asked u to add me to facebook, so it is safe for u to add me.....lol
    Hey the hotel u r staying is where my hubby works and where I met him. If I get to go I can still meet up with u coz not home till 28th and got evening flight home. Will look on fbook and make contact. I was going to book the 25th but he wanted me there for our aniversary of the day we met, wish I had left it later now. Going slightly insane with worry. I have spent all day digging my garden, cutting grass and pruning trees and bushes, anything to keep me busy, I have the best garden around here now........lol Speak to u soon, hugs "n" xxx
    I am living there now but need to meet up with some friends so would be great if we could do this have you got an email address probably would be easier xx
    Hello hun i just text u but u can reply on here if it will be easier lol xxx
    hi girl, of course, would love to meet up, goin 24april but flying to tunis, then south and will be in sousse around 1may - till 8may, defin. could meet up, let me know xx
    Hiya was just about to email you on FB..to date the thought is that Im booking Kasier for both Aymen and I as Mohameds like a big child,,but he wants me to tell him how much it is first..dont know why..probably to see if he can get us an apartment for the week for less money. Its only 54 pound each for the ten days b and b..so ill speak to hom tomorrow night and tell him he has a couple of weeks to decide then Im booking it. Id rather be in a hotel its easier on showering etc and there just isn eh space in the new apaprmen for three of us. I had thought of renting a place for six months and fitting it out as a base..but Im a bit less keen now as I wont really get enough use out of it! xx The flight on the 25th had gone when I looked..but you can have a few days chilling in the hotel and getting the tan going its a lovely hotel you wont have to go far for anything!
    Cool, will look forward to it hun x x x
    Ahh ok, I dont really know about what happened with you but sorry it didnt work out. Bloody men ay? We can put the world to right over a few glasses of vino while we are there x
    Ahhh I LOVE Sousse! I miss it more than I miss Kais, haha, not really! Im sure you will love it too! Yes we will have to have some meet-ups and a good old natter! Oh and a tan is always top of the list aswell! I cant wait - yay!! So where abouts was your bf from? There is no chance of bumping into him is there? x
    Im looking to go on 28 April for maybe 4 weeks - yay!. Kaylee is going on the 28th too and she is staying the last part of her trip at Kaiser the first part in Tunis I think. I will be staying at Kais's apartment but I use Kaiser for the pool and I get to see him while he is working too :)) Looks like we will all be around at the same time then. have you stayed in Riadh Palms before?? It looks such a lovely hotel x
    Hey sweetiedarling, I didnt realise we werent friends already on here lol, thanks for the request x
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