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  • Its not the missing S that is the problem, its the not knowing when I will next see him, due to the no job/lack of money situation. If I put as much concentration and time in to my job appls as I do t.com I would be the director of marks n sparks by now lol x
    Hey huni hope u are keeping your chin up xx
    friend req added xx
    wot u playing at sweetie, wot did u need to delete? :) xx
    thanks sweetie will do! what a cow & him an arsehole :( xx
    oh sweetie! maybe he was busy! for now try & get your mind off it for a while & keep busy i know its easier said than done but it does help! i'm good at the mo just waiting a reply from some detective work i'm doing :D anytime you wanna chat i'm here chin up xx
    Hey, how are u? heard anything?xx
    hey sweetiedarling hows doing? hope all is good :) xx
    To be honest they didnt actually know, I mean they were right but I guess they guessed because I had been going there since I was 11 and grew up going there, and they had seen the way I was and as they all talk knew I hadnt been with anybody there, not even kissed so guessed I prob was a virgin, and before you ask no I did not lose it to a turk!! x
    I was going to say I went last year but actually it was 2008, I went in Paddys bar down barstreet and all 4 of us were allowed a drink on the house, there was nothing behind it, but because they haveknown me since I was a child, they look after me there so much. Saying that alot of the staff has changed everywhere, but still I know when I had a "boyfriend" from one of the bars he was warned to look after me because I was a virgin.
    Also when me and my got arrested there, they sent somebody to get us out, LONG STORY.. and when we went back down barstreet the next night they were calling my mum catwoman hehe x
    I absolutely love Kusadasi, would you go back to another hotel?x
    Aw funny how we always notice it afterwards :( Just shows though he is not worth it, if he is going to make out there are deaths :eek:
    Was it you that use to go to Kusadasi?xx
    U still here sweetie?!?! go to sleep lol... well a I am now, night x
    dont think about him before you go to bed, think of a fit celeb lol, you probably only want him now cos he hasnt answered the phone!!
    Sweet Dreams xx
    I have seen your pic on facebook your a pretty lady, so plenty more fsh in the sea/ocean, may it be mediterranean, black, red, alantic, irish etc :)
    Well yeah I think you have to consider it over!!
    The fact he has given up this easily just means that you are worth more anyway, and not to upset you but makes me wonder whether he has others on the go :(
    I am sure you can do without the hassle anyway, so wave him goodbye, and good riddance xx
    You can always try again, till he answers if its withheld he doesnt know.. when he does answer put the phon down and call him back about half hour later and make out you didnt know anything about the withheld calsl if he says anything, then he will think that that is the first time u rang :D
    ok enjoy your bath SWETY darling hehe x
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