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  • Yeah slighly better, but I am not so sure if I am or not because I usually feel abit better at this time of the day!!
    S literally just called me to say how am I, he waas worried because I had been sick!! x
    Hello huni how are you? have u called him yet?x
    whatever anybody earns they always spend more, unless they are those really careful people.
    I dont think I am coming down with a nasty cold I think I have it... sneezing all the time x
    Yeah pubs arent a great time after xmas, but no harm in trying!!
    I just had couple of hours sleep, cant stop coughing :(
    What job do you do at the moment?x
    hola, i'm good thanks hun, just taking things slow sometimes i just dont get it but anyway life would be boring if it was simple :) well thats good the ball is in your court and its your shout leave him hanging for a while will do him good! :D i'll keep you posted with mine xx
    hi sweetiedarling, hows things going?! xx
    what you upto I am so bored, keep searching for jobs, but gets boring after a while, I am now googling all the telephone numbers for restaurants in my area, to write down and then call them x
    was about to say do what, then I realised you had replied to me on your own page.. u can either use 141 or your phone may have an option to show or not show your caller id.. let me know what happens x
    oooo can you withhold your number on a mobile???
    Thats alright hun you still have a few days, if I had them kind of minutes I would be withhelding my number and calling him to see what he is upto hehe x
    Yeah give it abit more time, it wont harm him to sweat a little hehe x
    Hello huni how are u? have you rang him yet?X
    Thanks chicken, a least u have a job (well i do but dont even ask) but they say it is best to look for one whilst you are in one x
    Yeah leave him till at least the end of the week, then tell him you have been busy, and then ask hm what he has to say for his self.. LMAO.. just tread carefully really isnt it.

    Aw my S is on the mends, I just want to go out and see him again, but even how cheap the flights are its so hard with my position for work at the mo, so I am job hunting and getting really fustrated now, answering the same questions on app forms, why dont they just accept a c.v ffs x
    Hey chic, how are u? did u have a good NYE? u back with the mr yet?x
    Hiya hope that you and your family are all in good health! Merry xmas and a happy new year full of health, wealth, happiness and plenty of laughter all the way for 2010 x x
    a little bit of time does no harm! :) xx
    thanks for the friends request hope all is well with BF xx
    Oh dear..I know that feeling..Ill reply tomorrow cos my home laptop is not working..think Ill just get a new one! Ive come home with a cold..great!
    I did yes Ive sent you an email with all the goss..few ups and downs but by nature hes a very sweet loving person and when we are alone togerher we are fine..how im gonna cope without him for months I dont know!
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