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  • happy birthday for tomorrow, sorry i gave you wrong facebook name lol its [email protected] sorry about that , not really with it at moment. hope speak with you soon, take care
    hi, your husband probably knew mine his name was boubakre ghazouani.
    i just got back from visiting his family and found it very hard
    i also found out more about how he died and how the doctors at the hospital left him to die.
    i also am on face book my name on there is babskaz will look out for you on there
    hello, sorry i havent contacted you or anyone on here for a while but i have been so busy and now i have my husband here in the uk with me as from 24 october we have been so lucky we only applied on the 25 august for our visa and he received it on the 8 october but it was stamped on the 29 september. He is working already in an italian resturaunt and we are extremly happy. Tell me more about yourself and hope we can become friends. christine x
    hey!! sweetie is been a while, how u been. I try looking u up in facebook. No luck. you can look me up if u like. Annette Testouri. Take care.
    Hello sorry i havent been using the forum as i have been so busy at work and visiting my husband. We were married on the 10 april, i have a wonderful husband and family, been back in may and then august for 1 month. Waiting for a reply from the embassy as we applied on the 25 august!! Hope everything goes well.
    sylvia bessaoud on facebook
    Good Evening Sylvia how are you doing and the family from jendouba. Sylvia I try look for you on facebook. I couldn't find you. Take care we talk soon!!!
    Good Morning how are you doing. I'm trying to search you by ur name. If you like mine is Annette Testouri.
    Hi Sylvia how are you ? We have not seen you on here for ages..have a nice day:)
    Hiya Sylvia hope that you and your husband are in good health! I have not seen you for ages..Take care ..
    Hey there Sylvia... I'm just finally getting going on here... wanted to say Hello :)
    Hiya Sylvia hope that you and your family are all in good health! Hope that you had a really nice xmas and a happy new year year to you and your family full of health, wealth, happiness and plenty of laughter...
    happy birthday! have a great day xx
    Hiya hope that you and your family are all in good health! Happy birthday hope that you have a great day..
    Hello Sylvia nice to see you on here...have a nice evening!!
    oh so glad your back. missed you on here. hope all is ok with you. not got anything sorted for wedding yet. but heres hoping
    hi i hope you can help me because you are my inspiration and hope that the difficult process of marrying a tunisian man can work out. ammar my fiance is 29 and i am 58 but we really are in love and want to marry in january. i need to know if CONI notice has to be within certain dates before i go (30th to 10th Jan) and also decree absoulute has to be same as birth certificate (i believe 21 days) and the big scary question is i have been diviorced twice many years ago and have been cited for adultery. will this stop us from being married and would i need both divorce papers or just last really worried about this (past mistakes and all that) but i cant see how we can be together in tunisia if we are not married. please help. have read all your posts and would like to be as happy as you are. many thanks for any advice you can give me x
    thanks sylviachoudry, we are of simalar age and so are our guys. im going out again in november with my daughter just for i week and then ill be there for christmas and new year, cant wait. werer getting married next june. maybe you can give me a few pointers.
    Awww Sylv u silly billy it's me...... married to a jendoubi!!!! friend on fb and msn?!!
    Hi hope that this little angel in naughty enough for you...if not i can always change it..
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