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  • I think that i found you x x
    Hi Tblueyez hope that you are in good health! Tell me the exact name and i will send you a request, i have got loads of request but as i do not know who they are i have not excepted them And by the way it is always a pleasure to hear from you x x
    with BA - flying down from glasgow the night before.

    im going again easter too.

    take care
    hi hon
    im off to him 23rd feb for a week, staying in zeramdine with his family.
    cant wait to see him and the puppy he got me for valentiners day.
    do you know how much it is to get from tunis to sousse?

    im chilling today - back at work tomorrow.
    morning, how are you? you voted for dinna yet?
    Good afternoon Tblueyez yes we are all good thank you hope that you are also well! Yes i do and it is the same name, my name x x
    hey sorry i didn't get back to you sooner! i didn't realise that i had notifications that you wrote on my wall, it's the new layout of the site - it confuses me! lol
    anyway thanks on the congratulations :)
    he did the english test, i think he was among the first of people on the site to know about it/do it. he did well, got 6.5 out of 9. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
    that's the link to the test that he did. but i think there are other english language tests that may be approved but this one is fine. 200 dinars or so it costs. there is a thread about it, i don't know how to paste the thread here but go to my friends list, see my husband BOSSHOSS - he posted a thread about it in july or august last year. hope you find it alright xx
    Good morning Tblueyez hope that you and your husband are both in good health! Good luck for your husbands test..You make my day with your sweet messages thank you so much, hope that you have a wonderful day x x
    Sorry Tblueyez i was doing something with my son, if you are still here goodnight and let me know x x sleep tight
    Read through here hun .. let me know if you cant find anything x x Tunisia, Tunis, British Embassy
    Hi TB we are all well thank you , hope that you are also in good health! I will go and have a look now hun and thank you so much for the message the other day i was going to get back to you but i will tell you why later on x x Let me look now x
    hello, congratulations on the new job :)
    i wonder why they asked for arabic orginal marriage certificate, if it's written in arabic they won't be able to even read it so how can they change your name lol they won't know what they are changing it to!
    i had this discussion with someone at the bank when i went to change my name. she told me i need the original, i said it's in arabic, you won't be able to read it so what's the point, so she made a copy of my french and english copies and got arsey with me, like 'well we will have to see if my manager accepts it, it's not normal practice!' then she was rude and was like, well what are you changing your name to, i can't even understand this! coz all the names are not english names she didn't even read the page properly. cow!
    did you argue/discuss this at the post office? i mean why do they need the original coz, for all they know, it could be a death certificate, a birth certificate or just a bunch of random words! x
    Hi Tblueyez hope that you are in good health! Congratulations to you on your new job, wish you all the happiness in the world for a very beautiful women x x Have a great weekend x
    Thanks Teresa, will do :)
    yeah been induced nothing much happening x
    I am in hospital bed now. but everything happening slowly x
    No worries hun, i normally have a peek on here every day anyway :) Yeah im feeling positive for this week too, i've got everything crossed that M gets a call this week AND that its good news!! Hope this week brings good news for you too with your job interview xxx
    no next time i go its only for 2 weeks then i will return in may and thats when the 3months begin. yeah i will be at the family home with bf and his family. i know how your feeling about worrying last night Anis decided to got night fishing which paniced me and i kept waking up i called him about 2ish and he was ok but still at sea and i aint spoken to him yet so hopin he ok. and yeah it was a blue strippy jumper and jeans with grey boots. so how did you meet you husband? xxx p.s if i dont right back its cuz i have gone to work but will message you back later :) xxx
    you didnt have a blue tshirt on and jeans did ya??look at us messeaging stuoidness lol...so when you go again your staying fe 3 months?staying in the famiy home with ya bf/husband?i reaaly want kair here nowmissing him to much and with all the **** there i worry like crazy:(..xxx
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