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  • lol i looked a bit of a mess at the airport as i only had 20mins to pack and get dressed and out of my partners family home to get to the airport. lol xxx
    yeah were now friend lol. just uploaded some pictures let me know if you can see them! i do recognise you but i dont think we spoke. unless we did and i have a really bad memory lol. yeah i suppose i quite lucky with work but ive been good to them for the past 4 and half years now they're having to return the favour lol.i stay in enfidha but if i ever go on holiday in hotels i stay in hammamet! xxx
    i cant see your photos so have sent i friend request. i will upload some pictures of me in a min! i recognise the description but cant put a face to u lol. well i quit work first but was back after a week so i called up and thankfully they hadnt replaced me just yet. well im going to work with them til may got 3 weeks out in the midle but leave again in may for my 3months and hope by the time i come back there will be som work for me if not there i could cover the different hotels in the chain i work for! lol. where do you stay when you are there? xxx
    I don't know if I spoke to you, you would know me as i was the girl sitting in the cafe on her own crying haha! I was at the airport about 1:00pm and my flight was at 3pm back in to Manchester with Thomas cook. I would have rather flown on to gatwick but had to get a coach down and then a lift from the airport so it was another 7 hours aftery flight! Lol. Well I'm going back in 2 weeks and hopefully go for 3 months in may some time! Well I will give them a ring and see whAt I'm intitled to. Xxx
    I was flight only and came home 6 and half weeks early :( so not happy being here at the moment! How early did you come back? When you next going?? Xxx
    Hey how r u? Just saw One of you msg in one of the forums about tc sending you a voucher. How did you get that cuz I had tO come home early and not received anything? Did you have flight only with them or accommodation aswell???xxxx
    Hi - had booked to go out feb 20th just had cancellation today from TC seems thompson and TC have cancelled all flights up to 27th February - do you know any other flights that might still be going ahead. Hope you are good x
    thank-you for thinking of me...have been a bit worried about myself recently but hubby got the call to go to the embassy tomorrow so we shall see what happens and inshallah i can get out of this pit of depresion i have crawled into! Massive dance contract starting feb so it will all feel better then as I wll be working. Lots of love to you and hope things go well for you and your husband xx
    Hiya, yeah thats fine, i'll give you everything i know for settlement visa, i'll text u my email address and you can search for me on facebook and msn :) xx
    Yasou TB trying to get to place an avator but with the new site i am finding it a bit werid trying to get around, if i am not mistake you are now able to do it yourself...When i find out i will let you know x x
    Hey how did you get on today? good i hope xx do u use msn? if so, sms me ur email and i'll add u x
    Hi TB hope that you are in good health! We are all well thank you for asking.. Ok go to your photos and it may say create an album or download, there you should see some options as i cannot place a photo for you in your album, sorry..x x
    Hey, Hope your ok?

    yeah i flew from monastir on the sunday (last flight available !!) where was you staying?

    T/C wasn't the greatest because it was my family back home having to get up dates for me and when i got in contact with them she just said get to the airport asap and find a rep but when there it took me 30mins to find a rep because it was just a nightmare in monastir.

    so when do you next fly out?

    Ahhh well good luck for tmrw! To hear some news, first of all we need the visa section to open first, so that'll be a start! Mohamed and I have both emailed them but i hear that they don't really respond to these emails, but hey nothing to lose :) Yeah short trips for me are ok as i don't live too far from Gatwick, my sister gets me discounted flight prices and the hotel we stay in is only about £30 a night in Tunis centre, so its ok to do short trips.....i don't know how everyone does it!!! i see Mohamed every month or the longest wait is 6-7 weeks, i'd go crazy if i couldn't see him for months at a time, hats off to all those that do it!! I am a very lucky girly indeedy xx
    Thanks chick, sleep well x x
    Hiya, im back :) we watched the news last night in Tunisia but Mohamed said it didn't say anything about visas and europe for tunisians??? i guess we'll have to wait and see what its all about. Essem put an update in the visa thread saying that UKBA are working with head office on getting the visa section open again soon, fingers crossed its this week sometime!! Good luck for your interview tmrw, what's it for? I'm thinking about going back to Tunis in about 3 weeks time for Valentine's day, i'll prob go for 3 nights or something like that, depends on my salary this month! I get 28 days holiday in work plus bank holidays so long weekends are only 2 days holiday, as long as i give 2 weeks notice im normally alright to take the time off xx
    Thanks :) Yea, its massive and the rest of the body is getting more ink soon, as soon as im not having to save for this trip out, im going to start my left arm :)
    chick, u around msn at all tonight?
    Just placed a fresh bit of news on the NEWS FROM TUNISIA thread that is all i know , sorry but if i do hear you will be the first to know, even if i watch tv later on and i hear something i will come to your wall and tell you..x x
    Hi chick, i'm ok, i aint around here much at the mo, for various reason... but dont worry im ok xx
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