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  • Hey hun thanx for the message...wow your getting married next month..Where? God how dfficult is it to organise...nightmare . How longhave u been with your fiance? Its so difficult to be apart from them isnt it ? So god knows what it will b like leavin him when were actually married ...oh fill me in on all the details ...ha x
    aaaww bless u karen n congratulations to u both,i wish u all the health and happiness.yeah i tested him lol,but i no he loves me,just hope it all goes well,the wedding im ok about but i dont have a job as been on the sick etc,long story reaaly,so wen i get bak to the uk i need a job as i no u can not have any benifits and plus i hear there reaaly strict now,what sort of things do they ask for?and there is 14 years between us.thanks karen xx.
    Hello tblueyez, Congratulation's on your upcoming wedding. My Husband's family don't live far from Jendouba, We got married there last October, there is 17 years age difference between us. And I know what u mean about him being mature., Mohamed is the same he seems hell of alot older for his years.. Not many people do realise the age difference. I was unsure about him just wanting a visa and so were others friends/family memebers , but i really did test him and put him through the mill b-4 we got married. (best thing I did was marry him) I know he loves me too pieces, will give and do anything for me. We put in for his visa in January this year and by Feb 26th he was here living with me. Things have been great, I feel like I have to pinch myself at times as I still cant believe he is here with me. x Karen
    Just want to say hi,, took me a while to working this site out,but is a great site with lots of info on,, and people reply how they feel so dont take it to heart,, im just going through the visa now,, what a pain,,, first worrying about doing the paper work for marriage then visa,, and also you say about age,,should not mean a thing,, the age thing is the same of my dad and step mum,,in uk,, just beacuse he is from another country and you hear many bad story,s,, and people think he is after a visa or yr money ect,,, at the end of the day only u know how you feel inside,, x
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    thanks roulla so much,ive been looking on it for a few now,il have look threw the rules,takecare.
    Welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the forum rules before posting, thank you..Here is a link to the forum rules..Tunisia.com Community - Announcements in Forum : General Announcements
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