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  • ha ha me to, god could you imagne all the family there, you get married tomorrow think id wet my pants and do a runner lol will let you know how i get on speak soon xx
    aww nice one, do you hire a car at all when you go?
    well booked flight yesterday for this sat so bout 4 days left yeaaaaaaaaaaa lol. hun you really have been great thanks so much for sharing your knowledge big help. didnt realise flight is 3 hours thought it was only 2 got a really good price though, gonna start packing tonight.were his family ok with cloths you wore or did you have to cover up most of your body my guy said i can wear what i like as long as its not very sexy lol dont know what to take
    yea i think so but i hope his parents are ok with this did you ? oh what was food like did his mother cook ect and can you drink water there ? god i am so nervous he got home last night from egypt he travelled all day bless couldnt sleep last night i was so excited.
    well i said yes but it wont be this year lol god i nearly wet myself when he asked me, will see things goes i guess. did you say b4 you stayed with his family or just went to visit ?
    cool thank you so much wow i bet your well excited not long to go, did you take any gifts for his family when you visit them oh and he come from el mourouj never heard of it lol
    not sure will find out, was his family ok with him being with someone non musliem? did you stay in same room at his parents ? god i am so nervous, and he even wants to give up animation for us wow that is a big thing.
    will be staying in tunis i think with his family for a few days then hotel i think will be flying from gatwick i live bout half an hour away from there, it cant come soon enough miss him so much, where do you guys normally stay when you go there, where bouts you going? wow your so lucky bet you cant wait til sun does your guy live with his family ?
    so exciting, its called lamaya in marsa alam it looks really nice, will let you know how it goes thanks so much for all your advice hun x
    mainley everyday spoke to him a fewtimes since i spoke to him yesterday wow i miss him so lol its really strange for me i love his voice to with his accent he tryed to swear the other day about boss bless was so cute he tryed to tell me the name of the hotel yesterday but couldnt really understand what he said lol i explained that i will come to hotel first instead of the villa and he was fine with that thank go x
    i am 26 he is 23 never i have been out with anyone younger than me b4 lol when your man was in animation did he text from his mates phone if he ran ot of credit on his phone? did he text you quite a bit? this is all new to me lol
    want to go back in bout 5 weeks but my parents are not happy bout me going on my own very worried bout the idea but i will call them everyday i am thinking i should go back to the hotel first then if all goes well i can stay in an appartment with him,i have been warned though that the bad ones ask for money for their family and cloths ect but will see how things go.
    hi ya tiggs,
    did ya get yer pics up !
    welcome to the forum xx
    Hi tiggs,

    Welcome to the forum.
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