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  • Hi!

    Good to hear from you! I've been up to my eyes int he paperwork for the visa for the last 4 weeks, just finished and DHL'd it!

    You lady are going to have the time of your life I promise! I want to do it all again, it was the best day ever! The official photographer is a hilarious and the photos come back covered in crazy borders... you will know what I mean... but it all adds to it and they are great quality! ... and we now get a 50% discount at the hotel forever - yay!! :)

    Please do email privately just when you are not hanging with work etc and I'll give you the low down, and keep you grounded!

    Speak soon anyway!

    Estelle x
    Hi Tricia

    I'm stalking you, hee hee! did you get my mega messages after I got back from the wedding?!

    Lots to tell you, and my own email is [email protected] if you want better email chat!


    Estelle xx
    Hi Tricia

    Did you get my last message after got back from Bizerte having booked Ain Mariem? I am back from my experience! I'm now Mrs Khiari and it was the BEST thing I've ever done!! Friends and family loved it! You will have a ball at that hotel and I'd love to help with any questions now I've done it, so here I am, just shout me! and if you want to chat on the phone let me know and I'll give you my number!
    Stel xx
    just wanted to wish u happy holidays.
    welcome to the site hope that you enjoy it like we all do...
    Hi Tricia

    Im sooo sorry ive only just seen your message from beginning of aug! I absolutely didnt ignore you i must have deleted the email notification by mistake. It would be lovely to meet up if you fancy and exchange notes on experiences. My number is 07836 643 762. Give me a call sometime and perhaps we can arrnage it
    hi hun

    no probs, wish i was in Tunisia lol

    Not long till you go back now in Oct, bet you cant wait x

    sorry for the late reply myself i have been off for a few weeks x
    welcome hope ur enjoying this t.com theres lots of nice people here im sure u will like it as much as i do :)
    I am from Syria. I have been in Tunisia for almost two years. I love Sfax, a beautiful and calm city.
    hi Tricia

    sorry its late but welcome to the forum, better late than never LOL
    good luck i too and in the same siutation older with a younger tunisien :)
    Glad you decided to join us, look forward to hearing your story :)

    You don't live that far from me either!!!!
    Hi Tricia and welcome to the forum :)
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