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  • aslamma ToS
    how are you?
    i hope "lebes"

    one of my friends is looking to rent an apartment in sousse (she said hamman sousse but i reccommeded khsema where we had our flat)

    i dont know the dates in april - do you think you can help?
    Hi I receieved a message from you but it was deleted what was it about?
    ho tos, hope you and your family are all well in these exciting days. send me an email. john
    Ok, no prob :)
    So glad that exams are over for you. I won't be going to Sousse until November. The negative reviews for the Movenpick are all from people who are all inclusive. I never book all inclusive, as I like to try the local restaurants. I will take the risk , but am slightly worried as it is not cheap, and I have to work hard and save for the holiday. Last year I stayed at the Tej Marhaba, and read all the reviews before I went. The hotel was okay, but definitely not four star, things that were in the reviews like stained carpets, and smells from the toilet(think there was a problem with the drainage) were true. However, I found the staff very friendly, and efficient, and I didn't have a problem with them. A recent review of the hotel, someone said the staff were rude , and they had to wait hours. I went in low season last year, so maybe the staff were not under pressure. Whatever the case I will make sure I let you know what happens when I go to Movenpick. Have a good weekend.
    Thank you so much for all the restaurant tips. I shall put them down in my book. What a choice!

    The Movenpick has had a number of negative reviews on trip advisor, but mainly from people who are on all inclusive. I never go all inclusive, I either go bed and breakfast or half board, as I like to try local restaurants. From the reviews it sounds like the hotel decor is definitely five star but the service is two star. I hope management take on board what is happening.

    You can read them on this link

    Moevenpick Resort and Marine Spa Sousse Reviews and Photos, Sousse, Tunisia - TripAdvisor

    Good luck with your exams, I am sure you will be relieved when they are over. Thank you for the tips.
    Good luck with your exams.
    Thanks for the tips. I am interested in good restaurants, Tunisian food and take aways. The only restaurants I tried last year in Sousse were the Lido, and I used to go to the Ribat cafe in the medina for Tunisian food which I liked. I also tried the Sultana restaurant in Port el Kantaoui.

    B&B means I will be on bed and breakfast.

    I will stay at the Movenpick this time, but stayed at the Tej marhaba last time. I know the area around the Tej Marhaba.

    Good luck with your job hunt, I hope something comes up for you very soon.
    the restaurents i menschened to you are either 2 forks or 3 forks. i mean financially speaking, they are considered as chic/touristy restaurent. maybe you are interested in fast foods (which are cheaper than the 2 or 3 forks restaurents) try those of el corniche city, those who are in that street just in front of cinema ennejma and the supermarket magasin gènèral. as reper take the karawen hotel and go in the direction of el hana beach hotel. in case you will be tempted by tunisian local food , in the medina of sousse, there are quite few restaurents, like that one just 10 meters from the big tourist souvenirs with fixed prices Soula Center. try to eat " shapati" or " shawarma" and tell the man to not put a lot of harrissa, LOL
    BH.B what does it mean? i am sorry, i am a tunisian and i am not familiar with english abrevations and vocabulary of tourism/travel LOL
    i am from sousse, just tell me where you will stay and i will tell you what you can do in the surrounding!
    Thank you for the restaurant recommendations. I shall definitely try all if not some of them when I am next there.

    Can you also recommend restaurants where I can get good take aways too. I am thinking of going B&B in the hotel this time, rather than HB, and may get some take aways some days for dinner.
    Hi there,

    Could you recommend your favourite restaurants in Sousse, please?
    I thought they were all good. Enjoyed the visits.
    Think LeeAnne is married now, shall know more next week. I liked the wall with all of the students protest posters on, some good caricatures of British Politicians. Good Luck with your studies.
    Hi, was the American ladys name LeeAnne? All the best Cas. are you still studying at University in Sousse? I have been there a couple of times with a friend of mine.
    Hi how are you?
    Hi how are you ? Have you spoken to Sana lately ? Please pass on my regards to her..
    Hi hope that you and your family are all in good health! Happy independence day for tomorrow..Goodnight..
    I am very well hamdoulah..Tunis i would like to tell you that Soussanika is a very respected lady here and has never been involved in any chit chat or agreements before in all the years that she has been on here..The reason that this lady does not answer is because she works and lives in Tunisia, i know one thing she really does love and respect Tunisia and i mean that i am not trying in anyway of form to defend her but i do know that she is also a very polite person and would be the last person on this site to offend..Like Essem said English is not her native mother tongue so i do think that she was just misinterpreted...If it makes you happy then we can remove the link just let me know..Take care
    minaret : it's the tall tour of a mosquee! at the top of it there is a window where there is a loud speaker with which the man of the mosquee calls for the pray 5 times a day
    Tunisianofsousse shall i delete this now then?
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