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  • yeah chat on there if u like, more private x
    I just went onto your profile, its says friend confirmation awaiting?! x
    dont think so add me i wil loo closer but dont think it was the one I was initially thinking x
    Hey du have facebook or anything?x
    do i no u .........
    not lonnnnng now lol xxx
    neeeeeext month cnt wait maz! u excited im sure :)
    hiiiiiiiii havent been on this in so long! how r u my friend, me n my friends just book holiday again 2 tunisia, going n may! wbu? any plans 2 return? xx
    hey we maz im back! wat a superb holiday, already booking 4 may! so cant wait! u thinking of returning! that hotel is sooooooooo addictive lol xx
    hey wee maz have not been on here 4 for a good while, im sure u r dead excited not long 2 go now. looking forward 2 seeing u, few trips dwn 2 the british bar i hope lol xxx
    welcome to the forum, sorry i am late but i just saw your name..
    we have just nearly 5wks 2 go i really hope it flys in 4 us!! im ineed of a good fun holiday!! sent u a private mess aswell we maz xxx
    o yes defo wee maz, such a good idea!! look forward 2 it, can email private to arrange sum plans sure! ill bring all my pics with me, have a few of ur boyfriend that u mite want!! xxx
    omg!!! im the 14th aswell lol wat a coincidence!!! i was gonna book the 7th but settled 4 the 14th. thats good news must meet 4 a we drink or 2. how will i no u? is that u in ur pics i take it with the blonde hair? xx
    hey there, i hope you got my mail, my plans have now changed im now booked 4 phenicia in oct so ill will no doubt see you there. so excited!! started 2 get my stuff in aswell, will be fun fun fun lol xx
    woo hoo not long now im starting to get butterflies lol x
    no need to get jealous now we maz u will be there in no time!! lol ill be booking my next trip over as soon as i come back as always, give me sumthing 2 look forward 2!!! xxx
    yes i will indeed n get them put up so u can c wat ur missing till oct!! it will fly in for u xx
    heading bk with my cousin and friend so excited, feel like packing already lol ill surely say a big hellllo to the guys for u! mido mimo steve etc xxx
    hey there, just wondering wen u go bk till tunisia? i head in 2 wks so excited. im sure u cnt wait 2 go bk. we are the same absoloutley love the hotel xxx
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