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    Setting up a company as a foreigner

    HI Kris Thanks for your answer. I'm more a 'print' designer. But I do create concepts, layouts for web but I'm more advertising, brochures, magazines, design for packaging etc. I do copywriting in french and english as well as copy checking. I'm planning to move to Tunisia. I'm looking for...
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    Setting up a company as a foreigner

    Does anyone know someone who's just created an advertising agency and who would need a passionate senior graphic designer who's got experience in concept, layout & finished art and who speaks french fluently? Thanks a lot. Have a very nice day.
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    Looking for a job in Tunis. Anyone can help ?

    Hi all, I'm kate. I'm planning to to move to Tunisia as soon as I can. I will be there this end December - beginning January 2007 for 10 days. Are there any recruitment agencies that take care of graphic designers?:)