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  • Hi Yasmine,
    Hope you are well!! I have a question for you. WHY WHEN YOU GO TO LIVE IN TUNISIA DO YOU HAVE TO PROVE THAT YOU HAVE 2000 EU GOING INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT EVERY MONTH AND 24000 EU FOR THE FOLLOWING YEAR. Tunisia only deal with the Tunisian Dinar so why speak in Euro terms. England as you know does not deal in Euros either. I am completelly in a thick fog about this situation PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP.
    My E-mail address is [email protected] if you would prefer to use it.

    Regards and Best Wishes

    Hi Yasmine,
    Just to let you know that I clicked on the Yellow lines on your message but they did not seem to work but do not worry its probably my fault I just cannot get to grips with this site at all never mind I have asked around and found at least one Solicitor in Sousse, so will wait and see if I get any more, in the meantime please believe me when I say that I "Thank you so very much for your help" you know people often say thank you as a matter of course when I say thank you I mean it. Bless you sweetheart it was good of you.

    Regards and Best Wishes

    Peter (Pegasus)
    Yasmine could you please explain what you mean when you say "Thread" I need to put a question about finding an English speaking Solicitor in either Sousse or Port Kantoui the latter preferably. I am a Novice when it come to Computers and their language so is it possible to take me through it SLOWLY. Would appreciate it greatly. If you need my E-mail address it is:- [email protected] Hope to hear from you soon.


    Peter (Pegasus)
    Hi Yasmine, thanks for the links you posted about registering our marriage in Tunisia. Ive had a read through and it seems to be discussions about it and doesnt say how you actually do it. Do you know how I can find this out? One person recommended a lawyer but I think that was due to an individuals particular situation which was being discussed. thanks x
    Hi Yasmine :) It is just a friendly gesture. It's much like how Tunisians greet by kissing both cheeks - just it seems to be more on an informal gesture, something that is done to special guests and well loved family and friends.
    Thanks Yasmine!
    Thanks for your reply Yasmine but could not connect to the sites you told me so am still looking for an English speaking Solicitor.
    Also I have tried to change that big question mark in my box but do not know how to do it can you help???

    Speak soon.

    I see do you still have contact with the guy u were in contact with?
    Do u have facebook?x
    Thanks hun, I was trying to upload a whole load but tunisia.com doesnt seem to accept my pics anymore.. grr
    What are you busy with then?
    Will you be going back to tun?x
    Yes had an amazing Wedding thank you! Pregnancy is also all going fine! So all good here, how are u?x
    Hi Yasmine:) I have been pretty busy lately and haven't really had a chance to get online that much. I do hope you are doing well!

    For Eid, you could send the message:
    Eidek Mabrouk! Taqabbala Allahu minna wa minek. Snin dayma wenchallah kol 3am wenti bkhir!
    Congratulations on Eid! May Allah accept (the good deeds) from me and you. God willing every year finds you in good health.

    I wrote the message as you are sending it to one person. If you are going to send it to many people, you would write it:
    Eidkom Mabrouk! Taqabbala Allahu minna wa minkom. Snin dayma wenchallah kol 3am wentcom bkhir!
    Yasmine I have messaged Cita check what I said if you want, Gave her the courtesy of not posting on thread so far.
    Hi Yasmine, I'm good. Haven't been on here for ages, not a good atmosphere on here anymore :-( hope you're ok though!! x
    I know its crazy lol
    Aw dont know how u have gone so long lol cx
    Aw why was that? will u go back soon? are u still in touch with the guy?
    Yes I get married in less than 2 weeks... ah I am abit scared/nervous now! And pregnancy is fine so far thanks x
    Hello how are u? when u next going back? or have u been?x
    Hi Yasmine,
    Think you mentioned using Holiday Transfers? were you at a hotel or private rental? I was booking but I see it says to hotels only so don`t know if to blag it or what? We have rented a house. Thanks Cas
    sorry the info was so late lol i have looked when i have been up and down to YH, but today, there was a lot of traffic by blue ice, so i went straight on, not down past the medina, usualy i go past the medina and then back up so the bloody zodiac is on the right, the sign is at an angle, so you dont see it going that way, but cos i went straight on and came UP to the medina ~ i saw it! i was really angry with ,myself for not realising before ~ and it just flashed at me that you had asked!

    it looks OK, if i had to choose between say bel air, Emira and Zodiac, unless i specifically wanted to be in hammamet (emira) by the brit bar (bel air) i would choose the zodiac!
    its not badly positioned, you could have peace and quiet and still be in the hub of things! quite good actually, will have to see if i can get in one day lol
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