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    Hello, [email protected]
    My name is Miss melina. i saw Your profile today,i like it very much and I thought of having a serious love relationship with you. If you are interested and intends to advance, contact me back with,[email protected] , I shall send my beautiful pictures to you. I waits to receive your quick response. Thank you.
    From melina
    hi ziggy im all married now! just waiting for my husband to take marriage cert to embassy to register in uk, blimey dont they keep getting you to dig deep in your pocket! does he need to get a copy of the marriage cert in english for me and send it over or will the embassy sort this?
    ps i love your story about the baby cat! just the sort of thing i would do! xxx
    hi there ziggy! i saw in one of the forums that you've spent quite some time living in tunisia, this is something i would really love to do. can i ask how you went about this, ie did you work? where did you live? etc any info would be much appreciated :) xxx
    Thankyou so much for your reply, Im sure I will be asking you for more info if thats ok. I just want our application to be correct I dont want any screw ups. I just need my husband here with me. Sending you lots of luck and happiness for your future together xxx
    Hi Ziggy huge congratulations to you both, can I just ask if you what you put in with regards to your house or flat. I was advised to get a report done to state that my house in big enough but this costs £170. Did you put anything in. Thanx xxxxx
    thanks il email yousoon.hope your well and ok xx.
    hi just tried to look at ya pics and could not get to them?x
    hi ziggy,can i have your emailplease.id like some info please,thanksloads xx.
    Hi Ziggy, seen your post about visa and asking any questions.....i have a few questions....what is your email address, would be easier to drop you an email if thats ok?

    Caroline x
    hey ziggy thanks for that,yeah just tryin to work it all out lol,so wen did you get married n where abouts in tunisia??/really lookin forward to it,just hope ive got all my papers sorted,id it right i just need my coni.recent birth cert and my divorce papers?thanks,and good luck with your visa...
    hi ziggy, thanks for your message, i wasnt sure if i was using the forum correct! its not the easiest o work out lol. yes get married in 45 days. so all help regarding papers would be appreciated! where abouts in tunisia did you get married?
    Hi hin,

    Sorry didn't get back to you last nite, im feeling crap just now chest infection.

    I think they had a good old clean out at embassy, people were sacked and newbies put in. I think this was due to all the complaints that went in.

    So fingers crossed for you and your man xx xx
    Hi hun,

    Its all stressful, and with me and hubby they made us wait till the last min.

    I agree with you it would probably be quicker to re-apply than appeal.

    Don't start thinking that way, it will sent you mental.

    We have been married 2yrs on 4th Oct, time has passed so quickly.

    Hubby has been here since end of May last year, has a job hates the weather lol apart from that he's fine.

    We are going over to Tunisia 26th of this month for 2 weeks, so we will have our 2nd aniversary with all his family.

    My daughter is coming so it should be fun.

    I can't wait to get away from this crap weather lol xx xx :)
    Hi hun,

    The waiting for the visa is horrible, every day we were on the phone to each other.

    Everything will be okay, we all have our fngers crossed for you xx xx
    i everyone, i'm new to this site and not sure how to use it lol! i'm getting married to a gorgeous tunisian in november, just need some help on papers etc. hope all is well with you guys and guys!
    Hi ziggy and welcome to t.com, I know you are not a newbie but haven't seen you before :) I have a cousin called ziggy too...
    i'm 37 years of age, came to tunisia 2008 which 5 times i returned in that year, 2009 lived in tunisa from march-dec then in 2010 lived here from jan up till oct,, which also was the year in which a married my wonderful man.
    also i have a tunisian cat which i sent over to the uk with british airways and is still in quorintine,,bless him x x
    Welcome to the forum, even though i am a bit late, sorry i have just seen your name..Better late then never hey..
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