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    Chit Chat about anything..

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    asking for help

    Mercury, if you have written the above posts yourself, I don't think that you have much to worry about, as your standard of written English is better than many who have been speaking English all their lives! ;)
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    british culture

    Certainly not in my social circle Nej --- thank God!!!
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    british culture

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    A few things that you should know about before marrying a Tunisian man

    As we both know, this happens so often doesn't it jane. The fact is that the rules of the divorce procedure over here is clear - The partner must be contacted three times by the solicitor for the chance to have their say --------- however, if the address they have been given is in South London...
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    Arguments/ fall outs!

    That's a shame - she may need some support from here in the future. Hopefully she will know that she can come back anytime.
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    Arguments/ fall outs!

    Love laugh and live - a very sad name under the circumstances. At the moment, there is little love , few laughs and not decent life in your relationship and I feel desperately sad for you. I am not going to reiterate what the members have already posted above, or quote what you have written...
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    Arguments/ fall outs!

    Some one remind me never to have a disagreement with either Jane or Gem ------------------- even worse Jane AND Gem - couldn't cope with that at all!! :(
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    Arguments/ fall outs!

    I really couldn't cope with that -- it is a form of mental abuse as far as I'm concerned and the atmosphere can't be doing your little one much good either. Seflish ***! (sorry)
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    Arguments/ fall outs!

    Only when I see Mariam's poor husband, so that makes two of them! ;) xxx
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    Arguments/ fall outs!

    Poor poor man :D xx
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    Thomas Cook - Thomson do they allow one way tickets

    As Scott says, no problems getting flights to UK via the local offices of Th and TC for non Tunisians - have done it several times to help ladies ''escape' relationships - not sure if it is legal for Tunisians though.
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    a question id really like to know the answer to...

    The cafe on the cliff edge is Sidi Salam - so lovely on a calm clear day to sit and watch the fishing boats come in - low in the water heavy with their catch.
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    a question id really like to know the answer to...

    Oh! yes - don't forget the tomato sauce - very tasty actually. Mahdia is quite unlike any other tourist town - very quiet and traditional with the loveliest people- only a few tourist shops in one little street near the old town. That is what we love about - totally the opposite to the tourist...
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    a question id really like to know the answer to...

    I live in Mahdia, but the olive harvest is all over Tunisia of course. Here in this town, locals can pay as little as 150 td a month for a 2 bed apartment in the suburbs - more in the town centre of course and the majority somehow manage to support their families on very very low incomes,but...
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    a question id really like to know the answer to...

    Hi Lola - there is some work out there believe me, but not necessarily the work that a lot of the young men are prepared to do. Friends of mine who have a largish olive tree plantation, failed to get enough people to harvest the fruit last year and are struggling to do so at the moment. The...
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    post from uk to tunisia

    Lizziesamie, I will keep my fingers crossed for you, but from many other's experiences, am not at all sure that you will receive the things. If you do, you are indeed one of the lucky ones. Everyone of my letters out of here have been received in Uk and elsewhere, but I long ago asked friends...
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    Difficulty settling in

    Hi Lola, there is a Facebook page TWAGS which is strictly for the wives and girlfriends of Tunisians where you will find lots of empathy, support and advice from ladies who have been in your position. It is a closed group and potential members have to confirm that they are in a relationship...
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    Carte de Sejour Card / Residency Card

    Utter, total and complete chaos and why should I expect anything different? Why on earth cannot the people here get their act together and simply do things the correct way the first time.? Despite the years living here, I just do not understand the mind set of the people. Chaos accepted as the...