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    Just wondering? If anyone has any sugestions! I was wondering how I, with suit cases and stuff would get from Tunis to Hammam-sousse, sousse on my own. What would be the best way of transport and h ow much would a taxi cost? Let me know any suggestions would be helpful!ohh and traveling in...
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    Tunisian Food

    Has been deleted by Rachael Kelly
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    Vincci Hotel, Port-el-Kantaoui

    I stayed in this hotel for a week in June, i had lovely service and the brekfast wasnt that bad either i normally dont like Tunisian brekfast but this was lovely. The entertainment is something not to miss! Very funny. Me and my Tunisian fiance got treated like king and queen. Maybe because...
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    Hi Guys, I was just wondering if any men/women after marrying a Tunisian have converted to Islam. I would love to but i dont know where to start as i dont want to disrespect "allah". I have been told that if i convert to Islam then i will be in the front of the que in paradise before a...