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  1. annie

    English Test to come to the UK

    Congratulations Robynnehm xx
  2. annie

    Sending good wishes to Aslemma

    Best wishes xxx
  3. annie

    holiday in tunisia

    Somebody I know from my Town had an email today from Thomas Cook saying their holiday cancelled for next MAY !!!!! They were booked with On the Beach xx
  4. annie

    Happy New Year 2015

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year xx
  5. annie

    PLEASE help to translate!

    Thanks xx
  6. annie

    PLEASE help to translate!

    Please can anybody help me--- I want a document translated from Arabic to English --does anybody know where I could download this -thank you x
  7. annie

    Our friend Mossy...

    So sorry to hear--condolences to his family. x
  8. annie

    ILR - Indefinite Leave to remain

    Congratulations to you both xxx
  9. annie

    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    Hi---anybody going on holiday June 8th from Manchester to Endifha ???
  10. annie


    Congratulations to you both xx
  11. annie


    Where is Orient Palace--is it Sousse
  12. annie


    That's why I want to change the hotel -pity I felt at home there !!!
  13. annie


    It is so sad --they come in to the hotel at night dressed decent and change in the toilet and come out as prostitutes. I was waiting in reception 6.30 am for my transfer home and they were coming from the rooms with the Lybian men , UGH it was horrible to see.
  14. annie


    The only reason I was asking was I have been going to PEK for 11 years and stayed in the beginning in apartments but the last 5 years I have stayed many times in the Vincci--I stayed there last week AI-- it was awful- ok you get what you pay for. I have used this hotel as a base really for the...
  15. annie


    Which hotel would you recommend in PEK in January please
  16. annie

    Monarch airlines

    tried that and Thomas cook want £216 (admin fees etc )----flight will cost me less than that
  17. annie

    Monarch airlines

    I am going on Friday 11th October for 1 week from Manchester to Enfidha --My friend not coming--anybody know of someone who would like to buy this please
  18. annie

    Monarch airlines

    I have booked with monarch yesterday for 1 week 8th June from Manchster to Enfidha with baggage and food and booked seat for 223-
  19. annie

    Chit Chat about anything..

    I am going to Tunisia 11th October from Manchester to Enfidha for 1 week and originally a friend was coming with me. She is unable to go -is anybody wanting to go to Tunisia-
  20. annie

    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    Hi-don't know if I am posting in the right place---I have a flight for 2 people going from Manchester to Enfidha on Friday the 11th October for 1 week--- -I might not be able to go-would anybody be interested to buy ????