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  1. Jen<3Amir

    Good and trustworthy car-rentals near Tunis Carthage AirPort and Hammamet

    hi! Im wondering if anyone has any good company that rent cars in July? My parents want a "real" company hehe IF you know what I mean. Husband and I dnt care WHO owns the var or where just in the Hammamet area and with AC and GPS. :) and someone we can trust. Any ideas? Aychek and nharek zin!
  2. Jen<3Amir

    Patisserie/Bakery in Hammamet?

    Thanks for nice advice from both of you ;) Bereka is the place where all the louages to Tunis are. (Dont know the spelling either....) :dead: But I will check it out... maybe walk by there with my man.. and in secret look at patisseries... :p
  3. Jen<3Amir

    Patisserie/Bakery in Hammamet?

    Aslema and labes? ;) So I have a question for all of you that I hope anyone can help me with. I want to surprise my man on his birthday with his favorite breakfast (chocolate cake...) in the morning. Does anyone know a patisserie/bakery in Hammamet where you can preordered a cake the day...