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    Traditional dishes

    You can get perfectly good cream here but sometimes the dairy stocks are low and they do not make it. It is always labelled Crème Fraiche. What is confusing is that some of the Crème Fraiche is what we would call sour cream or creme fraiche in the UK and some of it isn't and there is no way of...
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    thanks Thanks for the replies - he has never lived in the UK before, only France. So basically you have to be living in the UK as I understand it. I will look at that website. For French nationality you apply in France but then you can live where you like I believe.
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    settlement for Tunisian hubby living in Tunisia Hi I am British and my husband is Tunisian and we have been happily married for over ten years and living in Tunisia. We wanted to apply for him to have a British nationality even though we have no plans to move to the UK at the moment. Has...
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    English Speaking Schools

    There is only one English speaking school in Tunisia - the American school in Tunis. It is amazingly expensive however. All Tunisian private schools teach English but it is only as a third language.
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    Daughter on Student Exchange

    Where is your daughter going? In coastal areas they are used to foreigners but if she is in a more rural area she should be aware that what to her is normal friendly behaviour towards the opposite *** could be misinterpreted by others as something more like flirting. In these areas it is very...
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    Osteopaths or Physiotherapists

    osteopath There is a fantastic British trained osteopath in Tunis. If you can't get up to Tunis then you should look out for a kinesitherapeuth (sp?) which is the french version of a physio.