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  1. curly


    Hi All, My husbands further leave to remain visa needs to be in soon and wanted to ask anyone who has applied for this 2nd visa - did you send in a police check as evidence that they don’t have a criminal record or does the declaration count. It does not stipulate that one has to be provided...
  2. curly

    Changing TND to Sterling in Tunisia

    Where can you change TND into Sterling to take back to UK, i bought a wedding dress out for hubbies cousin, i bought in pounds and she has given me TND but I want it in pounds as already have TND. For example if a Tunisian goes on holiday where do they change money?? I dont really want to do it...
  3. curly

    Marhaba Royal Salem Sousse

    Does anyone know if you can stay her as an unmarried couple?? anyone have any experience here?
  4. curly

    Does anyone have an idiots guide??

    Does anyone have an idiots step by step guide to an English girl marrying an English boy? I know I need a CONI which is valid for 6 months right? And a birth certificate no older than 3 months? Then a blood test in Tunisia. and translation by the embassy of my CONI? But my fiance keeps...
  5. curly

    Does anyone have anything supportive to say about young Tunisian men?

    Hi Everyone, I am new here, I have recently returned from my first visit to Tunisia, sousse to be precise. I fell in love with the place. I went with absolutely no expectations of meeting someone infact quite the opposite, but I did meet a guy. I am 27 and very independent and have my head...