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    How to learn Tunisian Arabic

    It is very hard, i have tried before too, but gave up each time, bcus there is no tunisian enviroment around me. But hopefully, this time, i will go ALL IN! And just accept that it will take time, but with time, and patience, i will learn more and more than i knew, before i started. I hope we...
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    How to learn Tunisian Arabic

    Aslema! I am half Tunisian & half Norwegian. But unfortunatly i wasnt able to learn Arabic from when i was small. My father always talk Norwegian to me, bcus thats what i understood best. Now i have almost forgot everything. Bcus i never use arabic, but always when i am sitting with my...
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    Advice on Tunisian man - please help

    Hi. I myself, have a marriage with a paperless, it took us 8 years, before he got his papers and we could settle down. Do i recommend it others? NO! Never.. I regret my whole life, bcus of those Stressful 8 years, that i will never get back. I have lost so much! Now we will soon live in separate...