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  1. MM4AS

    EU travel question

    Hi I've been searching online for ages and cannot find a definitive answer to a question, so I'm hoping somebody here might be able to help. Hubby got his British citizenship ages ago, but didn't apply for a UK passport. Given the mess the passport office seems to be in at the moment, we don't...
  2. MM4AS


    I have some truly shocking news .... the powers that be sometimes use common sense! Yes, seriously! hubby got his citizenship application in by the deadline in october before the rule changes. However, it meant that he'd been out of the UK for 4 days more than the maximum limit in the preceding...
  3. MM4AS

    funny visa story

    nothing to do with tunisia, but thought I'd share a funny story ... I used to be very involved in a charity in zambia. I was chair of the uk committee here in wales. at the time, the welsh assembly was doing work with a small number of charities in zambia, and ours was one of them. after a...
  4. MM4AS

    transit visas

    Hi all, hoping for some information. I know somebody who has been married to a tunisian for about one year now. She doesn't earn enough for him to get a visa. a few months ago he applied for a visitor visa and was refused. So, now he has got a visa to go to ireland with her, where they plan to...
  5. MM4AS


    hubby got his ILR , such a relief, even though we knew we had supplied everything, was still worried they'd find some fault with the application it took three and a half months, we had been told on the phone to expect 3 to 4 months, so pretty accurate.