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  1. Med_Gh

    freezing brrrr

    freezing brrrr
  2. Med_Gh

    Happy New Year 2015

    happy new year everyone , may all your wishes will come true :)
  3. Med_Gh

    Girl studying for 3/5 months in Tunis

    first of all happy new year for everyone in this forum :) ciao Lorenza :) benvenuti a Tunisi :) for the location, you can look for an apartment in "Lafayette" it is very close to Bourguiba school where you will study moreover it is also close to Tunis down town , true it can be a little bit...
  4. Med_Gh

    looking for a part time Job

    Thank you again Dark Angel, i have already done that and no result, i was looking if any members over here or any expat people need some help with learning language or whatever now about the British embassy, not sure if they hire Tunisian citizens anyway thank you very much
  5. Med_Gh

    looking for a part time Job

    Hello Dark Angel, thanks for interacting :) so nice from you well i'm looking for a part time job in the area of Tunis, i can work as a language tutor, or any other thing, i'm open for suggestions and job offers
  6. Med_Gh

    looking for a part time Job

    hello :) i'm from Tunis, i'm a student and i'm looking for a part time or a summer job, i'm interested in any sort of summer/part time jobs looking forward to hear from you :)